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  • Working Like a Dog: How to Balance New Pets and Business
  • February 18, 2022
  • Posted by Claude
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Author: Jessica Brody

New pet + new business = plenty of problems. If you’re one of the thousands emerging from the pandemic with both a startup and a furry new member of the family, then it might be time to sit down, put the kettle on, and skim through these handy tips from Dog Breed Cartoon for ensuring both your business and your new arrival get a healthy start to life.


When it comes to balancing pet and work duties, your home’s spatial arrangement is of vital importance. You need to make sure that you’re close enough to easily get to and hear your new buddy whilst also being able to get work done. For this reason, it’s a great idea to invest in a pet barrier – PlayBarkRun explains that these can be made at home out of PVC or cardboard, or you can buy one custom-built.

A barrier will allow you to occupy the normal work set up, keep an eye on your pet, and create a safe play space for them. It’s usually a good idea to ensure that you can be seen through the barrier, as this will prevent distress. Additionally, do yourself a big favor and invest in a comfortable, waterproof dog bed. Your floor will thank you!


When you’re busy with your work routine, it can be easy to forget important vet appointments, medications, and even feeding times. To help you keep organized, it might be worth downloading some apps. Pet care apps cover all bases, from clicker training to connecting with other owners. If you have a dog, it might also be worth looking into dog first aid apps as a safety measure for emergency situations.

There are also a host of useful work downloads that will help you to schedule and structure your time during the 5-day week so that you can spend more of it with the little guy. These can help you to track hours, set alerts, reminders, and even automate some tasks on your behalf. Remember to keep a lookout for cross-platform programs as these will allow you to sync up your mobile and desktop.

Last but not least, be on the lookout for apps that will help you streamline your business, since that frees up more time, too. For instance, getting a handle on your finances entails having precise insight into your financial situation. As you look to manage or refinance debt, consider using a bank loan API, a powerful tool integrated with your financial software that opens up your data from the past and present. Your data is refreshed about once a day, so you can tell in almost real time your recent payment information, including the date and amount.


The term ‘work smart, not hard’ counts for double when it comes to caring for a new pet. Especially if you have a business venture to run, you won’t always have the time or energy to divide your attention. This is why it’s worth looking into a few gadgets and toys to help do some of the lifting for you.

The tech boom doesn’t just apply to humans, now there are a host of devices that will allow you to keep an eye on your buddy via dog/cat cam when you’re away or dispense food at the touch of a button. Just make sure that you’re still spending plenty of time with and giving your pet plenty of human attention too.

Another great way to keep your pet stimulated is with toys. Pet toys come in all shapes and sizes for just about every kind of species – especially cats and dogs. Some of these, built with specialized materials, can even help with dental health and hygiene. Others are designed and shaped to occupy your pet’s attention with squeakers, hidden treats, or satisfying textures.

Added Tips

Preventive Vet suggests trying to get your dog used to being alone for periods of time, especially if your job requires you to do business away from home. Start the process in short bursts; get your dog used to the idea of being alone for a short while. Then, when you think they’re comfortable with that length of time, increase it a bit. Doing this in increments means you won’t completely overwhelm your dog by leaving them inside all day.

Ultimately, the best piece of advice, when you’re multitasking a new member of the family and an entrepreneurial career, is to enjoy yourself. This nursery period is sometimes the most fun and exciting part of the journey, so make the most of it!

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