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Why Every #AustralianShepherd is #Bestfriend Material
  • June 29, 2017
  • Posted by editor
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Looking for a new best friend? An Australian Shepherd is the best friend you’ll ever have. They’re bred to be loyal, fun, and unlike any dog you’ve ever had. Here’s why you should consider an Aussie to be your next BFF:

1. An Aussie always has plans for the weekend.

Australian Shepherds are very popular with dog sport enthusiasts. Their unique mix of athleticism and intelligence makes them great at agility, obedience, canicross, dock jumping, treibball, nosework… absolutely any dog sport. They also love going to the dog beach or park for frisbee, fetch, and unstructured playtime. An Aussie gives you an endless agenda of activities to keep your weekends booked.

2. An Aussie is always ready to go.

Unlike your other friends, who text you last minute to flake out on plans, your Aussie is always happy to get out of the house, whether it’s for a quick trip to the park or a whole day exploring a nearby downtown area. Your Australian Shepherd never prefers to sit on the couch to binge-watch Netflix shows for hours – they always prefer an exciting day, though they love to snuggle after strenuous activity.

3. Aussies look good in selfies.

What’s a bestie without a camera roll full of selfies? Whether your best friend is blue merle, tricolor, black and tan, red merle, or any color of the Australian Shepherd rainbow, that fluffy coat and big, goofy smile is sure to highlight all of your selfies – if you can get your pup to sit still! If yours has those striking blue eyes, they’ll steal the spotlight of every selfie.

4. An Aussie doesn’t want to be everyone’s best friend.

When you have a Golden Retriever, you’ll have to share your best friend with everyone. 

But Australian Shepherds are different. As herding dogs, they’re protective and don’t make friends too easily. They have to be socialized as puppies so they’ll tolerate meeting new people, but they won’t approach just anyone for kisses. Though some are friendlier than others, they’re generally very attached to just one or two family members. It’s not easy to earn an Aussie’s friendship, but once you do, you’ll have a best friend for life.

5. Okay… they’re actually a little clingy.

Australian Shepherds are like ducklings. They imprint on you, following you wherever you go. Going outside? Not alone! Going inside? So will your Aussie. Leaving the room for 5 seconds to throw something away? Your Aussie will insist on accompanying you anyway. Many suffer from separation anxiety, and need a puzzle toy to distract them when you’re not home. If it were up to them, you’d never leave their sight!

6. An Aussie is always one step ahead of you.

While less intelligent dogs are easy to fool, it’s not so with an Aussie. They always seem to know when you pretend to throw the ball, and they always know when you’re about to give them a bath, even if you try to be sneaky about it. An Aussie always knows!

7. Aussies will make you feel like a million bucks.

Every dog gets excited when you get home, but an Aussie takes it to the next level. The whining, the wagging, the sloppy face-kissing – you always know you’re in for a party when you walk through the front door. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had an awful day at work or school, that all melts away when you see your happy pup. Even if you’re exhausted, those crazy kisses are like a double shot of espresso.

8. An Australian Shepherd challenges you and makes you a better person.

Though they’re great at picking up basic housetraining and obedience, an Aussie’s endless supply of energy will always keep you on your toes. As puppies, they’re known for nipping hands and ankles, and some can be destructive. You quickly learn to find appropriate ways to play with them so they won’t nip your hands. You also learn to keep shoes, paper and other fun objects out of reach. If you’re not the most active person, an Aussie challenges you to get more exercise and enjoy the outdoors more often.

9. An Aussie always listens.

When you think you have nobody to talk to, look down. Your best friend is always listening, and they understand more than you’ll ever know. Aussies are very sensitive to changes in the pitch of your voice, and they’re always listening for cue words and the possibility that it’s time for a treat. They’re great at picking up on emotions, and simply enjoy hearing you talk to them.

10. It’s impossible to stay mad at an Aussie for more than .2 seconds.

There’s going to be days in which you’re sick, or simply too tired to fulfill your Aussie’s need for exercise. Sometimes, you’ll take them on a 2 hour run and they’ll still have plenty of energy for mischief. No matter how much trouble they get into, you can’t help but forgive them almost instantly. You know what you signed up for, and you can’t blame your hyper pup for being a working dog trying to fit into your home life. Plus, those ridiculously fuzzy ears never fail to put a smile on your face. An Australian Shepherd is the definition of unconditional love… and they’ll love you right back until the very end.

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Why #AustralianShepherd Dogs Are Best Friend Material #mydogismybff

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