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  • Why are more Companies going Dog Friendly?
  • March 8, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
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Author: Kelly Morgan

More and more researchers claim that pets in the offices can give lots of positive consequences like building a healthier atmosphere and improving staff performance. Workers will be encouraged to interact with each other and feel more relaxed, reducing stress and helping them reach their full potential.

However, keep in mind that keeping dogs or cats in the office can have some disadvantages. Given the importance of ensuring both workers’ and their pets’ well-being, there are legal obligations that this practice may impose on you.

Always think about your colleagues

Before bringing your pet to the office, make sure that all pets with you at work are well trained and quite friendly towards other employees of your company and their pets.

Allergies and other dangers

Before you bring your pet to work, check if any of your coworkers have any pet allergies or other health problems. Keep in mind that in this case, the presence of pets in the workplace will spoil the mood of other employees rather than improve it.

Places and spaces

Before entering an elevator or other enclosed area, always ask the people who are there if they would mind the presence of your pet. Keep in mind that pets may be prohibited from entering some areas: for example, you should avoid pets in fitness centers, kindergartens, kitchens, meeting rooms, and toilets.

Time for a pet

Ensure that you are not too busy at various meetings or other work events on the days when your pet is with you. Pets should not be left unattended for long, especially in the workplace! When you are at work, try to help your coworkers as often as possible in looking after pets. For example, if someone goes to a meeting or meeting, you may well be with their dog for a while.

Be considerate of your Pet

Bring your pet to the workplace for the first time when few people, such as on weekends. Then your pet will be able to settle into unfamiliar surroundings calmly, and no one will bother him. Introduce your pet to coworkers. Demonstrate to your colleagues all the commands that your pet has already been trained in. If children come to your work, be sure to tell and show them how to play and communicate with pets.

Always keep an eye on the treats you give your pet. Remember, too many treats and snacks throughout the day can lead to weight gain and other health problems for your pet. As Dr. Sara Ochoa notes, you can give your dog vitamins daily as a preventative to help prevent issues in your dogs.  Therefore, try to bring only wholesome and healthy food for your pet with you to work, and, of course, never give him food from your table!

If two pets suddenly get into a fight, separate them immediately and make sure they are okay. At the same time, keep in mind that it is best to introduce new dogs to those who have already taken root in the office, not on work premises, but the street. Also, try to walk all the dogs together, leaving no one in the office so that your pets do not have territory competition.

Maintain Cleanliness and order in Office

If your pet has gone to the toilet, be sure to clean up after it and then inform the service personnel about the incident.

Is your pet not feeling very well? Then you better leave him at home! Always keep plastic bags on hand – this will allow you to be prepared for all unpleasant surprises and clean up after your pet much easier and faster. Remember, it is best to accustom your four-legged friend to the same feeding and walking schedule.

When you walk with your dog through the office building, it is better to keep it on a leash. Otherwise, at the sight of a cat, your pet’s instincts may prevail – and it will easily run away from you.

Ensure that all trash cans and baskets in your workplace are closed to help prevent your pet’s poisoning. Keep all your documents out of the reach of animals.

Before bringing your pet to work, sign all relevant documentation required to do so. Remember to bring your pet’s vaccination certificate to work. You’d better always have the phone number and address of your veterinarian and clinic on call at hand. Also, do not forget to take a list of all medications your pet is or may be taking.

Can Pets distract from work?

Pets can help relieve stress or promote a friendly team environment, but crowding in a confined space can distract work. Dogs that run around the office can make it difficult for workers to concentrate on tasks. You probably will not want to hear a dog barking in the background during an important meeting.

If you decide to introduce the practice of keeping dogs or cats in your office, consider your workers’ safety. You may need to limit the number of animals that can move around your office or encourage workers to bring them in special boxes so they do not bother anyone.

It would also be a good idea to set an age limit for pets, require workers to take only trained dogs with them, and determine places in the office where dogs will be denied access, make a list of vaccines, and many other steps.

You may find yourself in an awkward position when you have to explain to the employee that he can no longer take his dog with him to the office since the latter interferes with others. However, such situations will surely arise. To avoid this, we advise you to explain in detail to employees the company policy regarding pets in the office. This will help you prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Many companies have already implemented the practice of keeping pets in offices. Nevertheless, before deciding on such a step, you need to weigh everything well. Think about all the possible consequences of this decision. Find out what employees think. If everyone is happy with everything – do not hesitate!

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