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  • September 18, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Alexandra Doherty

Do you have a furry friend at your home, or are you thinking about welcoming a new pup at your house? Every now then, we all get confused about what we should feed our dogs. Just like humans, every dog is different from one another. So, what is a good diet for your neighbor’s dog; may not be great for your dog. You can ask your vet to make a diet chart for your pup. Kibbles, raw vegetables, cooked or boiled food are some popular choices for dog food. Keep reading this article to know what to feed your dog and what to avoid.

Some good food choices for your dog

● Organ Meat

Meat is a big part of a dog’s diet. Regular cuts of meat are okay. Try to feed human-quality meat to your dog. Some pet meats can have preservatives, bad for your dog’s health. But organ meats are full of nutrients and vitamins. It has vitamin A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, folic acid, and B12. Most kibble-making companies avoid using organ meats as some people think of them as byproducts. From Organ meats, we get protein and minerals like iron, magnesium, copper, and iodine for your furry friends. You can give them the raw meat or fry it up a little to make it tastier.

● Green Tripe

Green tripe is a popular choice of food for dogs. Green tripe is the stomach of the four-legged animals who ruminate. Like, cattle, buffalo, antelopes, sheep, goats, etc. These animals eat grass or hay which passes through their abdomen and is mixed with saliva, gastric juices, and amino acids for digestion. When your dog eats these parts, the amino acids help them in body development and, gastric juices help to keep their teeth clean. Green tripe is a kind of rubbery texture that makes your dog’s teeth and jaw stronger. Green tripe is not cleaned, not bleached, and not scaled guts. If you clean and bleach it, it loses all its nutritional value. Though it looks and sounds disgusting, you won’t regret feeding it to your dog.

● Fresh Raw Eggs

Protein extracted from eggs is beneficial, both for humans and dogs. Raw eggs are a wholesome food for dogs; it works as a source of many amino acids. It also has vitamins like Vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B12, folate, iron, fatty acids, etc. You can give them a raw egg every day with the shell. The eggshell is full of calcium. So, raw eggs are a perfectly balanced nutritious food item. If possible, try to find pastured chicken eggs. Local farms raise them without hormones or antibiotics.

● Medical Marijuana

In situations where your dog is in excruciating pain or is suffering from an illness that traditional medicine cannot address, weed may be an ideal solution. Like humans, dogs also have cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. Therefore, they are responsive to weed and cannabis products, you can view the various weed products here. However, there is a need to be extremely careful because an inappropriate amount of weed may lead to complications and further discomfort. It is ideal to consult your dog’s vet before administering weed to your dog. This consultation will prepare for the consequences of giving weed to your dog, and you will get a good idea of the dosage you need to administer to your dog for optimal benefits.


How much food should I give my dog?

Giving the right food at the right amount is necessary for good health. You do not want to underfeed or underfeed your dog. The amount of food depends on your age, size, weight, breed, and body shape of the dog. Remember, dogs can suffer from obesity too. The need for foods and nutrition changes with age a lot. Here we will talk about the food we need with age.

● 6-8 Weeks

At this age, the puppy generally comes to the new home. It is better to ask the breeder about the food habits of the puppy. Sudden changes in diet can cause many health issues. So, try to stick with the previous diet and slowly change their food until they are on a perfect diet. You can feed them high-quality kibbles for pups. Avoid raw foods as their immunity system and digestive system are not fully developed. Try giving them small meals repeatedly.

● 16+ Weeks

At this age, you can start feeding them raw foods. Try giving them fresh, meaty bones once a week. Sometimes, dogs become possessive over their food. They can snap if you try and take their food away. To avoid this situation, you can hand feed them. Do not let children go near the pup when it is eating. If your dog guards their food too much, you should ask for help from your vet. At this age, feed them twice a day but reduce it gradually. Remember, dogs suffer from food allergies too. So, if your dog reacts or gets ill after eating a particular food, avoid it.

● Adult Dogs

When your dog is one year old, it is an adult. Feed it nutritional food twice a day. You can give them age-appropriate kibbles. You can also feed them meat, raw vegetables, fish, and raw meaty bones. Sometimes, you can offer canned tuna or salmon to them as a special treat. Maintain a nutritious and balanced diet and do not overfeed them.

● Senior Dogs

The diet for senior dogs is mostly the same as adults. Sometimes they suffer from different illnesses, which can improve with proper diet. Some people even feed their dogs CBD occasionally.

Consult your vet and stick to a nutritious and balanced diet. When your puppy grows a little, try feeding it raw food. Eating foods raw improves their dental health, heart health, and the texture of their skin. It also helps in their bowel movement, digestion and gains healthier weight. There are also some food items you should keep as far as possible from your four-legged friend. Like, chocolates, citrus fruits, onions and garlic, fatty and salty foods. These foods can be toxic for your dog. Always keep their water bowl full, so they can help themselves as required. They also need to keep themselves hydrated for good health. Make a perfect diet chart for your furry friend and help them live a healthy and beautiful life.

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