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  • Tricks for Taking Great Photos of Your Dog
  • September 2, 2020
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Guest post by Isabella Lovett

Every year, more than a trillion photos are taken — which equates to roughly 160 photos every day for each person on the planet. Since the advancement in smartphone technology, taking photos and documenting your life every day has become part of life. If you are taking photos of your dog, you may have to be a little patient, especially if you are hoping for some action shots. But you won’t find a better subject than your furry canine companion, and with some fantastic images of Scruffy on hand, you will be able to share your pictures and even make them an artwork feature in your home. 

Digital or analogue? 

95% of the photos that are taken are digital, primarily on smartphones, and these are instantly editable. Although analogue photos have a distinct quality, when you are taking photos of your dog, you might have to take a dozen before you get the right one. In this respect, digital photos are more eco-friendly than analogue as you aren’t printing lots of photos off. Digital can also be better if you have a very active dog that won’t sit still, you can take as many images as you want until you get one that’s in focus.  

Getting your dog’s attention 

If you want to try and capture your dog looking at the camera, it is important that you get his attention. There is often a knack to this and don’t be afraid to resort to bribery. Break out the treats, or wave their favorite dog toy in the air, call out their name and make whistling and squeaking noises. It really helps to have an assistant do this, so that you can concentrate on taking the photos. If you want your do to smile, have a good play with them first, before getting them to settle. Active dogs are more happy, contented and smile more. 

Choose your angles 

If you are taking close up shots, make sure that you get down to the same level as your dog, so that you can see his eyes perfectly. Try taking photos from lots of different angles to get some interesting images. Your dog photos don’t always have to be of his face, choose your favorite parts, such as his two front paws when he’s lying down and just capture these.  

Lighting and background

Generally, the better the lighting, the better the photo. You will get good results if you take photos of your dog outside. It doesn’t have to be the middle of the day though. In the early morning and early evening there will be long shadows that can create some interesting contrast in your photos. If you’re taking pictures on a smartphone, make the most of portrait mode, this blurs out the background around your dog, focusing in on the main subject. Consider carefully the background of your photos, particularly if you have a black or dark brown dog. If the background is too dark, you may only be able to see their eyes clearly. Indoors, painted walls are often a good backdrop, or something that is one color, not too patterned. You can even create interest by adding a blanket or throw in a different color, for contrast. 

Editing your photos

If you are shooting digital or on a smartphone, then make the most of digital editing software. Change the levels to balance out the lights and darks. If you are taking photos in winter, then increasing the saturation can often help your images look crisper. If your photos are taken indoors then adjusting the contrast and brightness can often make the light look more natural. Finally don’t forget to sharpen the photo so that you can see your dog’s fur clearly. 

Taking photos of your dog isn’t always easy if they are lively. But armed with a few treats, you can get some beautiful pictures of your furry friend. 

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