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  • September 11, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Mark Webster

Big dogs have a lot to love, and there are many big breeds that love earning treats. And while they naturally require a lot more food than a smaller dog, they also deserve some great treats that will sustain them and keep them happy. 

Unfortunately, crunchy little biscuits and small pieces of jerky just won’t cut it. Instead, here are the top dog treats for big breeds to try. 

Big breeds can handle more calories, more chew, and bigger treats than smaller breeds can. Of course, dog treats should never be used in place of dog food. But, there are many treats that supplement nutrition, provide higher calorie options, and will keep your big breed busy for a while. Let’s look at those options. 

Pawtriotic Big Bone Dog Treats

These Pawtriotic Big Bone Dog Treats are 2 oz dog treats that are the perfect dog treat for big dogs. The dog bones are baked for a crunchy and sweet treat, and can be given in full to your dog. No portioning is required. 

The big bone dog treats are also loaded with nutrition and calories. At 360 calories per treat, they are perfectly suited for large dog breeds. And, their simple ingredient list only includes; rye flour, molasses, apple puree, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, ginger, canola oil, ground peanuts, water. That’s it. 

These treats are also made without chemicals or preservatives, and have no artificial colors or flavors. They’re also perfect for dogs that need limited ingredient treats or who have allergies. 

While the apple pie flavor seems to be the most popular option, Pawtriotic also carries a peanut butter flavor. 

Smokehouse USA Prime Slices Dog Treats

These bully sticks are a great option if your dog prefers savory treats, and they’ll keep them busy for a while. In between jerky and a baked treat, the Smokehouse USA Prime Slices are slightly crunchy and chewy for your dog’s enjoyment. 

The treats are made with beef ligaments that have been cleaned and roasted to create the perfect high protein and low fat treat. The best part is that this treat is just one simple ingredient. So you know exactly what you’re giving your pup. 

And, if you’re trying to take better care of your dog’s teeth and gums, these bully sticks are a great choice. They boast about their natural cleaning properties while your dog chews. 

Redbarn Barn Bagels

Does your dog have a habit of trying to steal food from the counter or table? Break the habit by giving them their own bagel. 

Redbarn Barn Bagels are bagel shaped dog treats that are filled with creamy peanut butter and super chewy. 

Not only are these treats high in protein, but they also require a little more chew work, which makes them perfect for big breeds. While these bagels are peanut butter flavored, they also include chicken broth, chicken meal, and beef fat for more protein and fat.

The shape of the bagel also promotes dental health by cleaning the surface of your dog’s teeth while they chew. 

EcoKind Gold Yak Himalayan Cheese Dog Treats

Did you know that dogs are usually lactose-intolerant? Even still, many dogs love the taste of cheese. Enter in EcoKind Gold Yak Himalayan Cheese dog treats. 

During processing, the company removes the lactose while making these treats, so they’re a lactose-free option for the dog’s that just have to have their cheese. 

Other than the processing of the treats, the treats are simple, and made with just four ingredients; cow milk, yak milk, salt and lime. 

Each chew is about six to eight inches long, which can entertain your big breed for quite a few minutes (and upwards of about an hour or two). And the treats aren’t just long lasting, they’re easily digestible and great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. 

While these treats may not pose a choking hazard to a larger dog, the company does recommend warming up the chew in the microwave when it’s become too small to chew. Once you allow it to cool, you can give the more pliable piece to your dog to finish munching on. 

Blue Ridge Naturals Alaskan Salmon Jerky Dog Treats

While some dogs love chicken, beef, and peanut butter, others may prefer fish. And these Blue Ridge Naturals Alaskan Salmon Jerky dog treats don’t disappoint. 

They’re made with all natural ingredients, including Alaskan salmon, chicken, and salt, and come in chew sticks that your dog will be happy to receive. They’re also easier on the gums while cleaning teeth, making them a better option for senior dogs. 

The treats are wheat free for dogs with food allergies, and include omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that help promote cardiovascular health, plus aiding in providing a healthy skin and coat. And, they’re lower in calories and fat, if your big breed is on a diet. 

Try A Kong 

Does your big breed finish up any treat you give them in less than five minutes? Try using a Kong toy with treats inside instead. That way, they don’t finish their treat fast, and can stay busy. 

Using a Kong, there are many recipes and treat options that you can stuff inside. 

Some popular options include peanut butter, thick yogurt (lactose-free or a yogurt like greek), or even just their regular kibble. 

With a Kong, your dog will have to work and play for their treat, which can help the treat last longer. This is also a great option for big breeds as puppies, since they need more stimulation while they grow. 

Make Your Own Treats 

Nothing beats a homemade treat. And, when making homemade treats, you can control the ingredients, portion sizes, and nutrition. Plus, if your dog has any health conditions, allergies, or intolerances, you can work with a veterinarian to create the perfect recipe just for your pup. 

Of course, always remember to not include ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. There are many human foods that are toxic to dogs. But as long as you choose dog safe ingredients, there are many treats that you can create. 

There Are Many Top Dog Treats For Big Breeds 

Just because you have a big breed, that doesn’t mean that they can’t get a treat every now and then. While there are some treats more suitable for smaller dogs, big dogs can enjoy some delicious options as well. 

The key is to look at treat size, and make sure that you get a treat big (or strong) enough to handle a bigger breed. You want your dog to be satisfied and well loved, and the treats on this list can certainly help to do that. 

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