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  • Top 7 Things to Do with Pets in Dubai
  • August 25, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
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Author: Jessica @TheCBDGlobal

Owning a dog – or any pet for that matter- can be a rewarding experience and welcome addition to any family. Spending time with pets has been shown to lead to reductions in stress and improvements in mood states. However, certain city-states within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), such as Dubai, have rules and regulations for dog owners who decide to venture away from their homes with their pets.

In Dubai, dogs are prohibited from most public areas, including parks and beaches indicated by signs. Owners are also required to have their dogs on a leash when in public. Despite these restrictions, there are still multiple locations that permit dogs and allow their owners to partake in many fun and popular leisure activities, ranging from typical dog walking to sophisticated cocktail and restaurant excursions. Here are seven top activities to do with you and your furry companion for your next outing.

1.  Burj Park

Being one of the few public areas in Downtown Dubai dog-friendly, this park presents an easy and accessible solution to city-based dog owners. The park is set on an island surrounded by the Burj Khalifa Lake near the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Although the dogs must remain on a leash and avoid the grass, there is a promenade along the outer perimeter that provides a stunning view of the famous Dubai Fountains. Light shows are held daily at the fountains at night, providing a unique and enticing visual experience for you and your dog.

2.  The Pointe

Coined as Dubai’s “newest iconic waterfront destination,” the Pointe could almost be considered a mini-city with multiple dining, retail, and entertainment outlets, all located on the famous Palm Jumeirah. Dogs are permitted on the Pointe beach if they are leashed and do not enter the water. Various restaurants, including the Senara, have dog-friendly patios within the same area, allowing owners some freedom to buy cocktails and  vaping products like d8 thc edibles  and other restaurant fares. Be sure to bring waste bags, and before visiting the area, use dog deshedder brushes if necessary to ensure proper grooming and prevent any unwanted shedding on the premises.

3.  The Greens

This neighborhood living community provides a peaceful getaway from the busy Dubai urban city life while still being in the city’s heart and near major attractions. The famous café Arrows and Sparrows within the community has a dog-friendly patio where dogs can accompany you to grab coffee and breakfast. Next to the Alka 3 community and situated away from the residential area is a dog park that allows leash-free roaming in a safe and private environment.

4.  Irish Village

The Irish Village brings the authentic and widely loved Irish pub experience to Dubai while inviting dogs to the party. Owners can grab a beer, relax, and dine in the typical pub fare after sending their dogs to the grass field area next to the pub to run around and socialize with other dogs.

5.  Lime Tree Café

This café is perfect for those dog owners who also love the familiar routine of bringing laptops and working in cafés over coffee and snacks. The Lime Tree Café branch in Jumeirah is the only one with a dog-friendly patio. Owners can bring their favorite companions while churning out productive work, socializing with other dog owners, or both.

6.  SEVA

Formerly known as Life’n One, SEVA is a wellness center, yoga studio, and plant-based café popular amongst many health-conscious individuals and yogis in Dubai. There is a dog-friendly garden and an outside seating area consisting of rugs and floor cushions. This is an ideal venue to bring you and your dog(s) on days where you seek self-care and a desire to disconnect, reset and become one with nature.

7.  The Desert

Despite the generous selection of city-based activities that provide dog-friendly fun within a contemporary urban vibe, it is easy to forget that Dubai and the UAE are surrounded by desert land. These spaces, particularly the Al Khatim and Arabian Deserts, provide adequate space for your dogs to freely roam and run around to their heart’s content without being confined to any fixed area.

All in all, the rules and regulations in Dubai for dog and pet owners may seem excessively restrictive and limiting. However, as outlined in this article, numerous activities easily satisfy both dogs and their owners that do not involve breaking the law and only require some curious investigation.

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