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  • Ten Things That Need to be Ready Before Bringing a Dog Home
dog parent
  • July 1, 2018
  • Posted by admin
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If you love animals, chances are it was easy for you to make a decision to have a dog in your family. Being a dog parent, while rewarding, is not always easy. They require tending and attention just as human beings do. If you are planning on bringing a puppy into your home, here are some of the things you should get ready beforehand.

A dog house or a bed

Before you bring your dog, you need to make a place for him at your home. Every dog needs its space. If you have a big yard you could put a nice dog house in it. And if your pet is staying inside with you, you should get your pet a bed. Otherwise, you might just wake up every morning to find your dog has occupied your side of the bed.


This is something most dogs overgrow pretty fast. But it’s important for them to learn to wear a collar early on. Since most dogs don’t wear clothes this is your chance to accessorize your pet. Who hasn’t seen a dog with a bow tie and melted?

Name tag

To be a responsible dog owner, you need to get a tag for your dog. This could save and help bring your pet home if it ever got lost. Keeping them safe and happy is every dog- parent’s goal. You can also have a lot of fun with finding or designing your dog’s tag.


Your dog will enjoy eating, but you can enjoy choosing a bowl. While your pet might not appreciate it, you can get a bowl that will go well with the decour and an atmosphere of your and your pet’s home. You can play with color pallets and designs. In our store, you can also find a bowl decorated with the illustration of your dog.

Food and tasty treats

One of the greatest motivators for dogs is food. Other than keeping your puppy well fed, you can use food and tasty treats in your study sessions.

Poopy bags

Well, we all know what comes after a big meal. You should always keep a poopy bag close. This can save you from a lot of embarrassing situations.


Teaching your puppy to walk next to you and not pull you endlessly will benefit you greatly once it gets older, bigger and stronger. A leash will also be of help in training your dog, and can come in handy for teaching it some basic commands.


There is nothing like watching your dog play. It fixes your mood instantaneously. And the older they get the cuter it is when you realize they still play like puppies. They get attached to their toys and do the cutest things with them. You should have some ready when your dog gets home, but they will let you know what kind of a toy they like best.

Grooming tools

To keep your pet comfortable and your home clean, you should have some grooming tools ready. Rest assured that you will always have some of their hair on your clothes and furniture. But you can bring that to a minimum by continuously grooming them.


No matter how much you think you are ready to have a dog in your family, and how much you’ve prepared, you can’t imagine the way a dog will change your life. Your daily routine will change, as well as the way you talk. Your phone will be filled with pictures of your dog and you will have the best conversations with your pet and other dog- parents.

Your heart will also grow and be filled with love. Daily melting of the heart is also to be expected.


You can find the things you need in our Zazzle shop!

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