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  • October 22, 2018
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Giving them Medicine

Our pets, just as we people, unfortunately sometimes get sick and need a medicine in order to get better. In times like these, they need lots of love and attention, but they also need us to know how to take care of them properly. Once you’ve paid a visit to the vet and have received the instruction and gotten the medicine, you may need some help in figuring out how to make your pet take the medicine. Here are some ways.

Solid medicine

If the medicine is solid (like a pill), it’s easiest to hide it in food. You can find hollow dog treats in pet shops to serve the purpose. Hiding it in everyday food, or any other tasty treat may be just as effective. Note that some medicine should not be mixed with just any food, so be sure to check with your vet before using this method.

If this sneaky way is not working, you will have to put the medicine directly in your dog’s mouth. If you think your pet may bite, do not try this. You would need to open its mouth and put the medicine as far back as you can and hold its mouth closed, so your dog doesn’t spit it out. If your pet is lively and cheerful you may need to hold it still between your legs.

In case you don’t feel like you can use either of these two methods, check with your vet if there’s the same medicine in liquid form.

Liquid medicine

Liquid medicine requires a different technique. Gently pull the upper part of your dog’s jaw up. Then, apply the medicine from the side of its mouth, through its teeth. Do not put it on the root of your dog’s tongue, since the medicine may end up in its windpipe. Close the dog’s mouth and gently rub its throat until it swallows.

Putting in eye drops

Before you put the eye drops, clean the eye area with a cotton cloth soaked with warm water or eye wash solution. Gently get a hold of your dog from behind, and put the eye drops in. After that, hold its eye closed for a couple of seconds. Don’t let your dog wipe its eye right after.

Administering ear drops

No dog would like you to put drops of liquid in its ear. It may be unpleasant, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If that’s the case, the first step is to make sure the drops are not cold. Use your hands to warm up the bottle. Then, make sure that your dog’s ear is clean. Get a firm, yet gentle, grip on your pet’s mouth. After you’ve administered the drops, put the dog’s earlobe in its normal position, and hold it for a couple of seconds. Do not let your pet shake its head.

Giving an injection

It’s the least favored way to administer medicine, but could be the most effective or necessary. If the vet can do it every time, then that is the best option. Even if you have to do it, you should seek advice and instructions from the vet.

The first step in giving an injection is filling the syringe. Tap on it gently a couple of times, until the air is at the top of the syringe. Let a little bit of the medicine out through the needle to make sure all the air is out. Gently hold and talk to your pet, so that it will feel comfortable. Grab a hold of the fold of your pet’s skin between its shoulder blades. The needle should go right under the skin, but not too deep so you don’t hit the muscle. After you are done with injecting the medicine, pull the needle out and pet your dog.

Make sure that your dog feels it can trust you. And no matter how uncomfortable these methods are for you and your dog, remember that they are important for maintaining good health. And after you are done with the nasty part, don’t forget to treat your pet to something tasty.

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