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  • Stop Your Dog From Biting Other People With These Expert Tips
  • March 24, 2022
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Merry Smith

Is your dog a biter? If you notice your new pup is quick to try and nip at the people around it, it’s essential to stop this habit from developing as soon as possible. Without intervention, a dog that is fond of biting can become a danger to the people and animals around it, and often to itself as well. 

If you’re wondering what you should do to prevent your dog from biting, you’re in the right place. Here are some tips on how you can stop your dog from biting other people. 

Understand Why Your Dog is Biting

There are several reasons why your dog may try to bite other people. Some causes behind this type of aggressive behavior include fear, frustration, and protectiveness. Alternatively, biting may simply be an instinctive reaction to being startled. 

Once you know the reason behind their biting, you can then tailor your response to your pet’s needs. For example, if your dog is biting because it is in pain, your reaction should be very different than if it is biting due to resource guarding. 

With the former, you can wait to see if your pet moves past the biting after its injury or illness has been treated. However, if your dog is resource guarding, you may have to consider getting professional help to train this habit out of it or altering the way you act while your dog is eating its meals. 

Get Your Dog Trained Professionally

Professional dog training may seem like a waste of time, though it is anything but. Research shows that two percent of the U.S. population are bitten by dogs each year, and victims often bring personal injury lawsuits against dog owners. Not only can settlements be costly, but depending on factors like the jurisdiction, severity of the bite, and your dog’s history, it may even be put down for biting other people.

Given these considerations, getting your dog trained professionally is undoubtedly the less expensive option. Professional training will often include socializing your pet with other dogs and humans and making them more comfortable interacting with the world and unfamiliar people in healthy ways. Additionally, a trainer can point out the warning signs of aggressive behavior and recommend mitigation tactics even if they cannot stop the biting altogether. 

Consider Using a Muzzle 

If you’re still concerned about your pet’s reaction to other people, or if your dog is still in the middle of training, consider using a muzzle when you take it on a walk. Many people think of a muzzle as being cruel, but the fact is, they’re a protective device that keeps both your pup and the people around it safe. That said, a muzzle cannot and should not replace professional training altogether. 

Aside from preventing your pet from biting, a muzzle can also prevent it from chewing or eating things that it shouldn’t. Because of this, muzzles are also often used when a dog is ill, or a vet has recommended a special diet. 

When using a muzzle, make sure to get it fitted to your pet correctly to prevent any pain or discomfort for your dog. 

Dog biting can be a serious problem and can put both you and your pup at legal risk. However, it is possible to prevent your pets from biting, either by training the behavior out of them or by taking action to reduce the risk of them biting the people around them.

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