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candles dog
These doggy candles are easy to make and only require a few affordable materials. They’re a great way to add some puppy love to your household items or Halloween decorations, but these candles can also make great gifts for your friends and family. You can even have your kids help out; just make sure an ...
You’ve got the sweetest dog in the world, but do you know what would be even sweeter? Cookies that look just like them! These custom cookie cutters are easy to make with a template from Dog Breed Cartoon, and you can also use them to make dog-themed biscuits, eggs, finger sandwiches, pancakes and more! What ...
Do you love your dog so much that you’d like to have their adorable face imprinted on your skin… but not forever, at least not yet? This fun temporary tattoo project is fun for wearing parties, the beach, or just for an edgy new look. What You’ll Need For This Project Inkjet Printer Regular Printer ...
10 Thoughts You'll Have As A #Basenji Parent
Is your dog red and white and weird all over? Here are just ten of the many thoughts that you’ll only ever have if you’re the proud parent of a Basenji. 1. This dog does not respect fences. Every dog parent is grateful when they’re able to live in a home with a fenced-in yard. ...
How To Make A Custom Doggy Snowglobe Ornament
Deck the halls with lots of puppies! This easy craft features your favorite dog playing in the snow. It’s simple enough to create with your kids, and affordable enough to make a whole pack of snow dogs for your tree. You can also use this technique to make a decoration to hang year-round. What You’ll ...
Make your own doggy wrapping paper
Your family will be delighted to see familiar faces on their gifts this year when you make this adorable doggy wrapping paper. This is a fun craft that you can do with the kids, and it’s easy to make enough for all of your friends and family. What You’ll Need For This Project: To Make ...
When it’s your favorite person’s birthday, or you just want to make them smile, you can’t go wrong with a funny dog greeting card that you made yourself. Downloadable artwork from Dog Breed Cartoon make it easy to create professional-looking, perfectly corny cards that you can make for any occasion. With hundreds of designs to ...
How To Make Your Own #SoftCoatedWheatenTerrier Wheatie Earrings! #DIY
A Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is a girl’s best friend, but you’d never know it because it’s so hard to find cute Wheaten accessories. Make your own fashionable Wheatie earrings that look just like your favorite pup! It’s easy and it only takes 15 minutes with these step by step instructions: What You’ll Need For This ...
As you reach for your favorite beverage, you wonder to yourself, “What could make this taste even better?” Just one thing: your adorable, squished-nose fart machine. As they snooze happily at your feet, you wish you could gaze into those soulful brown eyes. You can make a custom etched Boston Terrier glass for every occasion, ...
Want to make adorable chocolate Chihuahua lollipops, but don’t have a chocolate mold? Our cartoons are perfect for tracing chocolate to make edible artwork. You can add unique details and accessories to create yummy replicas of your favorite pup. What You’ll Need For This Project: Chocolate in at least 2 colors. You can use candy ...