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  • 10 Reasons To Fall In Love With A Bedlington Terrier
  • December 22, 2016
  • Posted by admin
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Have you met a Bedlington Terrier? If not, you’re about to fall in love. If you’re already in love with a Bedlington, no doubt you can relate to these ten reasons they’re the most lovable creatures ever.

1. They look like a sheep.

No other breed of dog looks as remarkably similar to a lamb as the Bedlington terrier. From their long, graceful legs to their adorably styled, fleecy coat, you’ll always get double-takes when you’re out on walks. You might be tempted to give yours a name like “Mary,” or “Lambchop,” yet it won’t be cannibalism if you offer your dog a bite of your gyro sandwich.

2. You meet more strangers.

Bedlington terriers are one of the less popular breeds, so many people you meet on walks will have never heard of them. You’ll make new friends when you have a cute dog that breaks the ice. It doesn’t take long for everyone else to see why you love your Bedlington terrier. They’re sure to fall in love too!

3. You sleep like a baby.

If you let your Bedlington sleep under the covers with you or hang out on the couch, you’ll be lured to sleep by their warm, fuzzy body. At around 23 pounds, they’re the perfect size for snuggling, but won’t take up the whole bed. The Bedlington Terrier is nature’s instant cure for insomnia!

4. You never eat alone.

Like any terrier, the Bedlington loves any kind of food. Whether you’re cutting up veggies or roasting a chicken, your sweet little lamb will be watching you. This food-driven breed is easy to train with plenty of treats, and doesn’t mind settling for healthy snacks like apples and carrots.

5. You’re never be lonely again.

There’s no such thing as a dull night at home when you live with a Bedlington Terrier. Though energetic, they’re small enough to get their zoomies out inside your house or apartment. You’ll always have someone to talk to who’s happy to listen. A Bedlington Terrier enjoys your company whether it’s time to play, nap, groom or learn new tricks.

6. They’re fearless.

Most terriers were bred to hunt mice and rats. While a Bedlington Terrier is no stranger to vermin, they hunted much more in their homeland of England – otters, badgers and other creatures are no match for the brave and fearless Bedlington. They’re not known to have anxiety issues, and face new situations with a spirit of curiosity.

7. They have a heart like a lion.

Your dog may look like a lamb on the outside, but he or she has the brave, loyal heart of a lion. They’ll keep you and your family safe, and would give their life to save you without a moment’s hesitation.

8. They love kids.

When they get plenty of quality time with everyone, Bedlingtons quickly fall in love with every member of your family. They adore children and are known to be gentle and patient, yet have plenty of energy to keep up with a playful kid.

9. They’re incredibly smart.

A Bedlington Terrier loves to take on new challenges. They’re happiest when they’re learning new skills and putting them to the test. Food puzzles are a great way to engage your Terrier’s mind. They’ll also love nosework, fetch and trick training. These talented dogs learn quickly and they’re eager to please.

10. They’ll love you right back.

While they love treats and squeaky toys, there’s nothing a Bedlington Terrier loves more than spending time with their favorite person. The more love, affection and attention you give them, the more they’ll give back. 

Show your Bedlington Terrier how much you love them with a custom cartoon.
Toon my Bedlington!


  1. Dianne russell
    On July 19, 2017 at 7:56 am, Dianne russell said:

    They are adorable and very loyal n loving !!!

  2. Peter Haubert
    On July 22, 2017 at 8:52 am, Peter Haubert said:

    They are the best! I know, I alrady had/have three of them.

  3. Jane Daveies
    On March 25, 2018 at 8:52 am, Jane Daveies said:

    Totally adorable, unique never had a dog quite like these little characters – gorgeous darling dogs that can do a lap / bed nap and tough it out hunting

  4. Scott Amos-ogden
    On July 22, 2020 at 11:21 pm, Scott Amos-ogden said:

    I wish i could share a video.. i became a paraplegic in 2017 after an accident at work.. within 10 months later my wife left me for an affair.. sweep was one of our beddlingtons witch she said I could keep. Hes 5 in November… and he is the most amazing lovable kind hearted caring non human human i have ever had the fortune to have in my life… one question ?
    He jumps up onto my lap.. and immediately without warning THROWS himself backward to be cradled like a baby… without prompting… one or twice hes done it before i have been ready and ended up floor… but get straight back up to do it again… id love to show you all… everyone who sees him do it always asks if I taught him to… i did not… does anyone else’s beddie throw themselves backwards to be craddled like a baby… GOD I wish i could share a video of it… love to all the peeps and beddiez out there.

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