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  • 10 Things Only Miniature Schnauzer Parents Understand
  • December 22, 2016
  • Posted by admin
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The love you have for your Miniature Schnauzer is wacky, wonderful and super special. Few people understand why Mini-Schnauzers are the best little dogs until they get their very own.

How many of these things can you relate to?

1. Doorbells? Who needs ‘em?

Having a Miniature Schnauzer in your home means you never have to rely on doorbells to tell there’s a guest at your door… or a stranger walking by… or a squirrel hiding his nuts in your Mini-Schnauzer’s favorite tree. Nothing gets past your furry friend! They start alerting you long before guests have a chance to ring the doorbell. With a little training, your Schnauzer can learn to alert you and stop barking once you check the door.

2. The baby carrots in the fridge? They’re for the dog.

A Miniature Schnauzer loves to crunch on veggies. They’ll come running when they hear you open the fridge, whether or not you’re actually getting them a snack. Those big brown eyes make it impossible to say, “no.”

3. A good groom is worth it.

You love how your Miniature Schnauzer smells when they come back from the groomer. The fur is so soft, and you only go to a groomer who can style their facial fur just right. It doesn’t matter if the groom costs more than your own haircuts… it’s worth every penny!

4. Your dog might be too smart for their own good.

The Miniature Schnauzer is known to be one of the smartest small dog breeds. Your dog quickly learns new tricks, as well as ways to get what they want from you. It’s almost scary how your pup thinks like a human, learning by imitating you and using clues from their environment to solve problems.

5. You look forward to morning mustache kisses.

Alarm clock? Hah, you hardly remember what that is – your dog wakes you up every morning for breakfast and outside time. The sweet, slightly stinky smell of their breath is a more potent stimulant than a cup of coffee.

6. Your family members are all appointed roles in your dog’s life.

Your mom is your Mini-Schnauzer’s grandma. Your sister is their aunt. Your kids are their siblings. All of your friends and family are as important to you as they are to your dog.

7. Your favorite friends are fellow Mini-Schnauzer parents.

Nobody quite “gets” you than other people who share their lives with their adorable mustachioed dogs. You love seeing their photos, and secretly envy them when they add a new pup to their pack. You can totally relate to their stories – each tale of naughtiness sounds like it could have come from your own pup.

8. Other family members know their place.

It doesn’t take long for a Miniature Schnauzer to find a place in your family after you bring them home. They take on a big role – herding the kids, bossing around your other dogs, and keeping you on your toes.

9. You have stock answers to those repetitive questions.

Every time you meet someone at the park when you’re with your dog, they seem to ask the same set of questions: What kind of dog is that? Are they going to get any bigger? Why does she have a mustache? You don’t mind talking about your dog. It’s fun to educate others so they’ll see why you love your Mini-Schnauzer so much.

10. You can’t get enough Miniature Schnauzer gifts.

Oven mitts, salt and pepper shakers, mouse-pads, you name it – you’d love to have cute household knickknacks and supplies with your dog on them. It’s often easier to find Standard and Giant Schnauzer gifts, though Mini Schnauzers aren’t represented nearly often enough.

You know what your Mini Schnauzer really needs? Their own custom cartoon character!
Cartoon my mini Schnauzer!

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