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  • Keeping Your Dog Safe And Happy During Your International Holiday Together
  • October 5, 2020
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Guest post by Isabella Lovett

Dogs have changed the lives of many people, and their impact on the human heart paved the way for the estimated two million domestic animals that travel on commercial flights each year. But before you board a plane with your fur baby, you will need to ensure that you have ticked all the boxes in your safety and happiness checklist. After all, you don’t want to spoil the fun once you are on your way and once you reach your holiday destination. Whether you’re going to Los Cabos in Mexico or want to visit the Swiss Alps with your pup, you should make sure that you pay the vet a visit, prepare all necessary documents, and book the right hotel. 

Take Your Dog To The Vet Before Your Vacation

Your dog needs to go to the veterinary clinic before you embark on your exciting journey. According to an NBC report, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration recommends that you get a health certificate for your pet, update his or her vaccines, get blood work done, and have a microchip implemented prior to your holiday. The veterinarian will also give you tips on how to care for your dog when you travel. This usually includes not giving them a large meal before you board your flight, making sure that they are safe and secure once you are on your way to your holiday destination, and ensuring that they are not given sedatives or any medication. Preparing all of these will not only protect your beloved dog, but will also lessen the possibility of being stopped by authorities once you arrive at your chosen holiday spot. 

Choose The Right Hotel

With dogs making up 58% of pets that travel worldwide, the number of hotels that cater to canine clients and their human parents has grown steadily through the years. Most pet-friendly establishments are family-oriented places, too, making them the perfect choice for families planning a vacation with their babies and fur babies. While this kind of travel can be challenging, a dog-friendly hotel that welcomes families will make things easier, as they have already studied all the daily dangers that little children face when in an unfamiliar place. Many of these hotels have baby-proofed rooms that guarantee, not only your child’s enjoyment and safety, but that of your four-legged family member’s as well. Apart from opting for a place that is safe for the whole family and will also delight your canine companion, you can also take a look at the various dog services that each establishment has. A handful of hotels offer canine clients luxurious treats, grooming sessions, and even gourmet menus and buffets, while offering the same level of treatment to their fur parents and their human brothers and sisters. In fact, some luxurious pet-friendly hotels around the world also have dog butlers who will walk your fur baby every morning, or prepare a pet cabana for them when you are out swimming.

Prepare All Necessary Paperwork

Going abroad with your pet means that they will need to get a pet passport. These passports are often issued by registered veterinary clinics or government veterinary offices. If your vet or the government veterinary office do not offer said service, they will be able to point you in the right direction. Your pet’s passport will serve as proof that they meet all health requirements in your destination country. You must remember that requirements vary in different countries and that guidelines are often modified by receiving authorities, so be sure to do your research or call the approving agency in your destination months prior to your holiday.  

Traveling with your canine family member requires a lot of planning, but if done right, you and your pet will surely have a wonderful time. In fact, you will be making beautiful memories during your trip because of all the photos you will take of your pet and all the adventures that you will be embarking on. The pampering, the good food, and the activities that you and your fur baby will enjoy are ingredients for the holiday of a lifetime. 

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