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  • August 13, 2018
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Last Friday was Spoil Your Dog Day, and many took it as a perfect excuse not to hide their crazy sides, but shower their dogs with love and attention and go all out with some of the product that show just how much they love them. But, it is well known that when it comes to spoiling our dogs, us dog parents cannot be limited to just one day. It takes constant effort and love to keep our precious pets well spoiled. So here are some ideas on how to make every day Spoil Your Dog Day.

Keep their bellies full

Everyone knows that having a proper and tasty meal is a must on special and lazy days. You can surprise your dog with a tasty meal, by combining healthy dog food with its favourite treats! We do love spoiling our dogs, but keeping them healthy is a priority!

Prepare an adventure

If you and your dog prefer to be more active, you could have a small adventure. Instead going for a walk, hiking or visiting a new and exciting place in nature once in a while could be a fun and exciting activity. Dogs like to explore and sniff out new stuff and smells. Changing the scenery could be a small but exciting adventure for them.

Visit a dog park

For sociable dogs, spending time with their canine friends is pleasurable and rewarding. You can let them loose and watch them run around, and have a nice chat with other dog parents who had a similar idea for the day.

Get them new toys

Did they recently finish off their favorite chew toy? It is time for a new one! Don’t we all love how excited they get when they see their toys? Or how cute they are when they bring it to our lap and bewitch us with their puppy eyes. Playtime is not complete without a proper toy, so spoil your dog with the best dog toys there are.

Don’t forget to accessorize

How about a new collar and a tag? Or a new special leash before going for a walk? Who doesn’t like to show off… Set with a new attire, your dog can walk proudly around the park. You could design your pet’s accessory and make it even more special. If you like this idea, you can check out what we have to offer in our shop.

Get refreshed

Enjoying in the water is always fun. Especially on a hot summer day. Whether you decide to attend a pool party, go to the nearest water and swim, or just take a nice bath at home, it doesn’t matter. Any of these options is fine as long it’s a nice and fun activity that will make you feel refreshed and energized.  

Massages and belly rubs never fail

If you want your dog to know you love them, kind words followed with a pet are enough. And when you find them extra cute, how about you give them a massage or a belly rub they will never forget. For dog parents any dog is be a lap dog! Pet and scratch them all day and show them the affection you know they well deserve.

Make it special

Nobody knows your dog better than you. If anyone can make their every day a special day they will enjoy, it’s you! You know that any activity you do together will be precious and fun for your dog. It’s not the place or an activity that makes it special, but the company!


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