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  • May 10, 2022
  • Posted by Claude
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Author: Katie Elleray

If you’re a pet parent, you probably know the struggle of trying to travel with pets or trying to find someone to look after your precious pupper while you’re away.

Well, instead of trying to rope in a friend or family member, or hiring a random person to pet sit from the internet, did you know that lots of local vet clinics offer a pet boarding service?

Predominantly caring for dogs and cats while mum and/or dad are away, these boarding kennels are the perfect place for your pet. They will be in the safe hands of the vet clinic staff, they will be walked, played with, fed and cared for.

It certainly helps with putting your mind at ease while you’re away. But before you take your dog to the nearest boarding kennel, our friends at Sugarland Animal Hospital Boarding Kennels Bundaberg region have put together some handy info of the things you should do to prepare for the process and to make sure you’ve found the right service for you and your furry pal.

Here are the five things you should do to prepare your pup for boarding.

Figure out what your pet needs and do your research

Not all boarding kennels are created equal. And on the same vein, not all dogs are created equal either. Each dog has unique needs and their own personality, so it’s important to find a boarding facility that will work best for you and your furry friend.

If your dog has any special needs that require additional care, a special diet, or perhaps they are quite anxious, it’s a good idea to do some research to ensure the dog boarding kennel you’re going to can manage your needs.

Most boarding facilities can cater to dogs that require additional care or special diets, and some kennels only look after a specific size of dog. So, there is bound to be something out there.

It’s also a good idea to think of your dogs needs in terms of activity, if they need to be out and about and able to enjoy some freedom, it’s a good idea to choose a place that has a large outdoor area that can cater these needs.

So, before you commit to any facility, do a little bit of research.

Book in as early as you can

We know that all trips are planned far in advance. You might have to go away suddenly for work or travel due to a family emergency.

However, where possible, it’s a good idea to book in as early as you possibly can! Not all places can cater to last minute bookings, and sometimes those last minute bookings end up costing you a little more.

The earlier you can book, the earlier the kennel can start preparing for your arrival, which if your dog has specific needs, may require more preparation.

Review their preventative care and vaccination requirements

We can almost 100% guarantee that the boarding facility will require your dog (or cat) to be up to date with their preventative care needs, like heart worm treatments, and their annual vaccinations.

So, if you aren’t up to date with these, you will need to get up to date asap.

This is super important because not only will your dog be protected from preventable diseases, but it will protect any of the other fur babies they meet during their stay.

Food Prep

Now, many boarding facilities will have food included in their packages, however, if your pet has special requirements, you might need to prepare that for the facility.

And make sure you pack your pup’s favourite snacks or treats – that way, they have the familiarity of their favourite foods, even if you’re not there with them.

Pack a little piece of home for them

Bring along a little keepsake for your dog so they can think about you and your home while you’re away.

Their favourite toy or blanket can be a great way to provide them comfort even when you’re not there.

Follow these five steps when boarding your dog and they will have the best time!

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