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When it’s your favorite person’s birthday, or you just want to make them smile, you can’t go wrong with a funny dog greeting card that you made yourself. Downloadable artwork from Dog Breed Cartoon make it easy to create professional-looking, perfectly corny cards that you can make for any occasion.

How To Create Cute Dog Greeting Cards #popupcards

With hundreds of designs to choose from, including all rare and popular dog breeds, the possibilities are endless. Try making up a rhyme or pun of your own, or use the examples below for inspiration.

What You’ll Need

Colored Cardstock

Glue stick (UHU or other purple glue won’t make your ink bleed)


Utility knife or X-Acto knife

Cutting surface (a cutting board or thick magazine to protect your table from blade scratches)

Markers and pens

Glitter, sequins and other decorations (optional)

Step #1 – Plan and Print.

Make a sketch of your card before you begin so you’ll be able to neatly lay out each part of the design.

You may need to reduce the size of your dog cartoons in the Print Preview window before you print, depending on your design.

Step #2 – Reinforce Your Dogs.

For each card project, you’ll need to glue a cardstock backing to your dogs. Roughly cut out the artwork, then glue to a piece of cardstock. Allow to dry for 20 minutes to one hour, then use your utility knife to neatly cut around the edges.

Step #3 – Make A Card

You can make a card by simply folding the cardstock in half, or you can make smaller cards by cutting it in half, then folding.

Card #1 – You Gave My Heart A Home – Rescue Inspired Card

Step #1 – Make A Window.

Use a ruler to create a four-paneled window on the front of your card. Then, use the ruler to guide your blade as you cut out each windowpane.

Step #2 – Decorate The Inside.

Cut out a bed, toy and blanket for your dog. Glue the bed inside first, then the dog, then the blanket and other details.

Step #3 – Add Detail.

Use a marker to add additional details, outlines and words. You can also print and glue text, though handwritten words feels more personal.

Card #2 – Puppy Pop-Up

Step #1 – Cut Two Cards.

Choose one piece of cardstock for the outside of your card, and one for the inside. Set aside the outside piece for now.

Step #2 – Create pop-up mechanism.

First, lay out your dogs. Your dog should be shorter than the width of the card, or it will stick out. It can also stick out if you make the popped-out section too big. If the dog’s height is an inch shorter than the width of the card, you will have to make the cut-out part shorter than one inch.

Use a ruler and pencil, then ruler and utility knife to create the popped-out sections. Fold the pop-outs into the card until they resemble steps.

Step #3 – Cover

Now, you’ll have a card full of holes that need to be covered. Glue the outside piece of cardstock to the card. Allow to dry.

Step #4 – Decorate.

Glue dogs to the front part of the pop-out. Allow to dry completely before you continue decorating.

Then, use markers to add details and words.

Card #3 – Dog Bouquet

Step #1 – Create bouquet

Arrange dogs on a piece of cardstock, trace an upside down teardrop shape around them. Cut out shape and glue to your card.

Step #2 – Create tendrils

Cut long, thin pieces of cardstock. Wrap each strip around a pencil and hold for 20 seconds. You can also dampen the tendril and dry with a blowdryer to help hold the shape. Gently uncurl the tendril and shape as desired.

Step #3 – Fill Bouquet.

Glue large dogs down first, then pile on smaller dogs. Use additional pieces of cardstock to create wrapping for the bouquet. Glue tendrils between dogs.

Step #4 – Decorate.

Use markers to add words and additional details.

Get artwork of your dog to use for greeting cards!
Cartoon my dog!

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