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Want to make adorable chocolate Chihuahua lollipops, but don’t have a chocolate mold?

Our cartoons are perfect for tracing chocolate to make edible artwork. You can add unique details and accessories to create yummy replicas of your favorite pup.

What You’ll Need For This Project:

  • Chocolate in at least 2 colors. You can use candy wafers from any craft store, which are easy to work with, but they don’t have the best taste. You could also use real chocolate, though it might need to be tempered.
  • To create your Chihuahua designs, you can use toothpicks, a new paintbrush, and chocolate piping bags. You can use regular zippered plastic baggies as disposable piping bags.
  • Nuts, dried fruit or sprinkles can be added for extra yumminess.
  • You’ll also need lollipop sticks, available at any craft store.
  • You may want cellophane lollipop bags with twist ties so you can give your lollipops as gifts.

Step #1 – Download Your Chihuahua Cartoon

Visit the Dog Breed Cartoon online shop and download your Chihuahua cartoon.

Don’t have a Chihuahua? Choose from over 400 drawings to find your breed.

Step #2 – Print

Open your 1024x1024px .PNG image file in your image editor/viewer of choice, then print 6 dogs per page.

Step # 3 – Tape

Cut out the dogs and tape to a cutting board, sturdy cardboard or other flat surface. You’ll need the dogs to be facing the edges, feet out.

Next, tape waxed paper over the dogs, laid flat against the surface with no air bubbles.

Step #4 – Add Highlights

Melt one chip of white chocolate. Allow the chocolate to cool for 30 seconds, as very hot chocolate will be runny and difficult to work with.

Dip a toothpick and create dots for the highlights in the dog’s eyes. You can also add the white bead details on the dog’s collar.

Allow to dry for 10 minutes at room temperature, or 2 minutes in refrigerator.

Step #5 – Outline

Melt 3/4 cup of dark chocolate chips in a plastic baggie. Use a microwave to melt according to package directions, or at intervals 30 seconds at half power, turning and squeezing bag, until just melted.

Allow chocolate to cool if it’s very hot. Very hot chocolate flows too quickly and spreads. It’ll be easier to work with chocolate that is melted, but not scalding.

Snip the corner of the bag, creating the tiniest opening you can. Test chocolate for consistency by piping onto a plate before you begin.

Pipe the outline, nose, eyes, chin and mouth. You can also use a toothpick or the end of a matchstick to create the face details for better accuracy.

Step #6 – Add Detail

Melt additional colors of candy chips to add detail. You can use a new paintbrush to add pink color to ears and belly. Pipe on a new color for the dog’s collar.

Refrigerate 5 minutes to dry.

Step #7 – Fill

Melt 2 cups of your main color chocolate to a plastic baggie, then melt in the microwave.

Snip a corner to create a slightly larger opening.

Then, pipe a generous amount of chocolate down the center of each dog.

Use a toothpick to smooth backs and spread chocolate to the edges and to fill in the ears and paws.

Allow to dry for 5 minutes at room temperature.

Step #8 – Add Sticks

Make a line of chocolate and lay down a lollipop stick on each dog.

Allow to dry, then layer on more chocolate to cover the stick.

Use a spoon to layer on more chocolate until the stick is secure and each dog is thick and chocolatey.

At this step, you can add sprinkles, nuts or dried fruit. You could also drizzle another color of chocolate.

Step #9 – Peel, Eat, Love!

Allow chocolate to set for 20 minutes at room temperature, or 10 minutes in the refrigerator.

Gently nudge the side of the bottom, middle and top of the chocolate to avoid breakage. Carefully loosen and remove the chocolate from the waxed paper.

Now you’re done!

Unlike molded chocolate, candy made with a template will have excess chocolate on the edges. You can use a hot knife to carefully smooth the edges, or leave the excess for extra chocolatey goodness.

You can use your chocolate Chihuahua lollipops as cupcake toppers, party favors, or just enjoy with your family.

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Step by step instructions for using our template to create chocolate chihuahua lollipops or candy of your favorite breed - no mold needed!

It's easy to make adorable choco pops with Dog Breed Cartoon artwork.
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