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  • How To Make A Custom Shiba Inu Shirt
  • April 9, 2018
  • Posted by editor
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Could your summer wardrobe use more Shiba Inu love? This adorable DIY  for your shirt is just what you need to bring your favorite dog to this season’s trendiest style. It’ll only take 15 minutes to make this cute top!

What You’ll Need For This Project:


Step #1: Prepare Your Shirt

Iron your new or freshly washed shirt, ensuring it is free of wrinkles. Stretch it over the end of your ironing board so the front and back do not touch. Wait for your shirt to cool off before you begin working.

Step #2: Create Your Design

Sketch out your design on paper. Plan out how many pieces of transfer paper you’ll need, adding multiple designs to a single sheet when possible. Make sure each shape has a 1/2″ margin around it to keep the colors from bleeding.

If you’re using text in your design, it will need to be flipped horizontally before printing.

Open your image file from Dog Breed Cartoon in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe Photoshop, or any image editing program. Arrange your dog image, along with fun clipart shapes, on your page so there’s enough room to cut them out. Be sure to preview your design before you print to make sure it fills the page without getting cut off.

You may want to test your design by printing on a regular sheet of paper before printing on your transfer sheet.

Step #3: Set Up Your Design

Carefully cut out your shapes, and arrange them face-down on the shirt. Take your time, ensuring that your design is symmetric and laid out along the center of the garment.

Step #4: Iron

Make sure the water tank in your iron is empty, then plug it in. Turn your iron on to the highest cotton setting.

Press the shapes with a constant, up and down, side by side or circular motion, paying extra attention to the edges. When working with multiple shapes, iron all at once, taking care to keep the shapes from moving around as you work.

Iron for 25-90 seconds, according to the package directions on your transfer paper.

Step #5: Remove Paper Backing

Iron on all of your shapes before you begin to remove the paper, to keep them protected from the heat. If you iron over the shapes after removing the paper, they will melt onto your iron.

Your shirt should be completely cool before you begin to remove the paper backing.

Slowly, evenly remove the paper from each shape.

You can flip the shirt over, keeping each layer of fabric separate, then create a design on the back.

Step #6: Let It Set

Allow your shirt to rest for 24 hours. Do not wash or wear. Then, hand wash in cold water, and dry in a warm, (not hot) dryer or lay flat to dry.

Step #7: Wear!

Your shirt top will look cute with high-waisted shorts or a skirt. It’s great for the beach or walking around in a city.

You can try this transfer method with any breed from DogBreedCartoon, with any cotton garment.

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