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  • March 18, 2022
  • Posted by Claude
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Author: Alex Richerd

Every dog has their unique personality and you can use the tips below to make sure your pup is happy which is going to allow their personality to shine. Below are some tips that will help keep your dog character content for years to come.

Take your dog for a walk

Even if your home has a large yard, there is nothing that is going to replace going with your dog for a walk. You are the pack leader in this situation. Make sure you have a leash when you take them out for a walk, jog, or hike. You can visit the new dog park in your neighborhood. This is going to be good for both of you.

Playing with your pup

This is a no-brainer but there are times when you need to be reminded to have some fun and enjoy the company of your canine friend. A simple game of tug of war, fetch with an old sock or favorite sock. You can also play hide and seek with them. Playing a game of doggie tag where you chase your dog then let it chase is going to do wonders for their spirit and yours too.

Giving them something they can chew on because it is healthy for their teeth and gums. Dogs love chewing and eating on things, which is good because it keeps the pearly whites strong and clean. You can keep their mouths in top shape using treats such as Natural Balance Dental Chews. Visit website for a range of toys and chews to keep your dog happy.

Protecting your furry family members from ticks, fleas, and other insects. This is even more important at this time of the year. Your dog should be free from pests because it reduces the chances of painful hotspots and scratching.

Take your pup for a ride

Look for a dog-friendly hotel and take your dog on a weekend getaway. You can also go to a dog-friendly restaurant in your area and have lunch with your canine friend.

Ensuring that your dog has a collar that has an up-to-date microchip

You will have an easier time finding your dog if he/she ever gets lost.

Give your dog cuddle time and lots of love

Dogs are very affectionate animals; they will spend a lot of time on your feet or on the sofa with you. You need to set aside time to stroke them and let them know that you care and think about them and they are cherished and appreciated.

Keep your dog cool during the summer heat

Your dog should always have access to fresh water and shade at all times. You should never leave your dog inside the car alone, even if the windows are down. Just take your dog with you inside the store or leave them at home. Keep this in mind if you want to run your errands during the summer.

Take your dog to the vet for check-ups regularly

You should let your vet when you notice any strange behavior. The vet is also going to give you tips on keeping your dog’s ears, coat, claws, and everything else groomed, functioning properly, and clean. You need to ensure your dog is up-to-date on its vaccination, especially if you are going to take the dog to the dog park.

Nutrition and a balanced diet

Your pup should be fed with premium balanced food that is rich in protein and grain-free. The good is important because it nourishes them through the different life stages. It is going to keep your pup healthy and make sure it leaves a long and healthy life.

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