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  • How To Groom Your Dog Professionally: Every Single And Important Thing To Know About
  • November 9, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Jennifer D @CBDWorldTravel

Being a pet owner is no less than being a parent to one more child. From the pony to paws, you need to groom each part of the pup with care. We know that bathing and trimming must be in your daily dog routine.

But what about those little details that you skip to make your dog look perfectly professional? Well, there’s nothing much to do about it. However, you need to go a bit beyond bathing and trimming to make your dog stand out professionally.

In this guide, we have covered every single and important detail about the professional grooming of your dog. So next time when you hit any dog show or a corporate occasion, make sure to tick off this checklist once.

Step 1. Learn About The Dog Food

You may be the owner of a unique dog breed or multiple breeds, but your first job is to research dog food. Also, You must be wondering how dog food is the first step of the grooming process? But for your information, a dog’s overall appearance depends highly on what he eats. Some dog foods contain a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates that boost yeast production in dogs. This yeast grows in the pads and armpits of dogs and lets them suck themselves and look ugly. For example, most Westies are found with this problem. So, if you want your grooming process to end well, start with researching and feeding your pups with nutritious food. Here is a list of some most important elements to consider when buying. For more information click here.

Step 2. Know Everything About Dog Cladding

Don’t you pick a different outfit and change hundreds of times before you step out? Well, your dog needs a perfect look, too, just like yours. That’s where the importance of dog cladding comes into the picture. Everything from the coat to a bow, you should thoughtfully groom your dog’s vogue. Today, dog coats are available for all small, medium, to large-sized dogs on the market. Gone are those days when there are only a few options available for large dog coats. Also, dogs have unique outfit demands according to the changing seasons. Therefore, make a dog’s closet with coats, jackets, sweaters, bowties, bands, collars, and pajamas-ready.

Step 3. Understand The Importance of Oral Hygiene

You want onlookers to say, “Wow, your dog’s smile is incredible!” don’t you? Then take good care of your dog’s teeth. Until your pup gets three years old, he can develop all the periodontal diseases like humans. That’s why it’s essential always to brush the gums and teeth of dogs. Not only it helps to prevent tooth decay, but it also makes dog teeth look spotless. You can invest in a good dog toothbrush kit available in the market to ensure that your dog has squeaky clean teeth daily.

Step 4. Be a Good Barber To Your Dog

Like humans, dogs grow hair fast and regularly. From eyes, ears, anus, to mouth, dogs get hair grown around, causing infection and irritation. Along with being a best friend to your dogs, be a barber to him every four to six weeks. Trim the unwanted grown hair of their eyes to avoid vision blockage once a month. Along with trimming, hair brushing and combing is also crucial. Brush your dog to remove tangled fur, knots, and mats on the coat. Moreover, hair oiling and combing are a must to make your dog look shining and sophisticated.

Step 5. Take Care of Your Dog’s Nails, Paws, and Foot Hair

Your dogs are innocent enough to put their paws in mud or their poop. That’s why you should check up on dog paws at the time of each bath. Besides keeping the paws clean, cutting their nails and trimming their foot hair is vital. The thing is, uninvited foot hair grows between the footpads of dogs. It hinders their independent movement and easy walk. Plus, the overgrown nails do not let them use their paws on different surfaces. Hence, cut the nails every two weeks and foot hair not too short to avoid your dog being in pain. You can bring home these excellent tools to give a professional finish to your dog’s nails.

Step 6. Special Treatment For Eyes And Ears

During the leisure stroll on the sidewalk, your dog’s ears can collect a lot of dirt. Dogs come with a disparate range of ears, but cleaning all of them is mandatory. Use an ear cleaner or ear wax recommended by your vet to keep the dog’s ear skin clear. Also, take care of the droopy eyes of the dog. If the dirt remains on the lower lid, it can cause irritation and puffiness. Better to wipe them with water and eye cleaner every day.

Step 7. Keep Up The Grooming Game

Above all, you should know dog grooming is a long and forever-lasting process. You should keep the motivation high. Start with training your dogs to get ready for getting their coat groomed. It will prevent any mats, knots, and tangles from forming. Gradually, move on to different parts like nails, nose, paws, eyes, and ears.


Whether you have a golden retriever or a white pomeranian, this seven-step grooming process holds equal significance for all dog breeds. You should understand that the appearance of your dog matters as much as yours. Therefore, next time you skip cutting their nails or save yourself from dog baths, give it second thoughts. A well-groomed dog says a lot about your love, care, and attention towards your fur buddy.

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