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  • How Not to Dodge Your Dog’s Basic Needs
  • September 16, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Kenny Johnson

When you are a dog owner, you want to make sure that you take good care of your loyal friend. Therefore, it becomes essential to know and fulfill your dog’s basic needs to ensure its happiness and health. Preventive veterinary care, adequate nutrition, grooming, personal space of its own, and plenty of activities to create an atmosphere in which your dog can thrive. Fortunately, all these things are always within reach of a dog’s owner; all you need is to be a little considerate and find ways not to dodge your dog’s basic needs whenever they need it.

Read on and find out how you can effectively manage your dog’s basic needs and provide it with the care and attention they deserve:

A Place of Its Own

To give your dog an adequate amount of rest where he can always play with his toys and be busy, they need a place of their own. For this reason, your dog must have an area of your home dedicated only to its personal needs, such as a crate, kennel, or bed. To make that place more comfortable for your pet, add some toys and a dog lick mat to play with. You can also use the dog lick mat to feed your pet with nutritious peanut butter and similar healthy goodies. It gives your dog a chance to play and get fit at the same time.

Additionally, here, your dog can spend some me-time when things get a little too overwhelming in the other areas of your house. If your dog likes to spend time outside, let them come through with a doggie door or provide them with a temperature-controlled dog house. However, make sure you never leave your dog alone when outside without proper shelter, especially when the weather is unfavorable to its health.

Physical Care and Maintenance

Make sure you provide your dog with the healthy benefits to care for and maintenance with regular veterinary visits and exercise. Formulate an exercise routine that will help your dog burn off some extra energy to keep it fit and healthy.

Try establishing a good relationship with your dog’s veterinarian and schedule regular visits at least once every three months. This way, you enable yourself to identify any underlying health issue that your dog might be suffering from and can cause significant problems in the future. After a few visits, your vet will become thoroughly familiar with your pet and will make healthy recommendations for any nutrition-related questions you might have.

Additionally, dogs always need essential grooming, like toothbrushing, bathing, and nail trimming. Depending on the dog breed you own, some dogs might even need regular haircuts. However, make sure you find a trustworthy groomer that cares for your dog as you do. So, when you are giving importance to your dog’s physical care and maintenance, you ensure that they spend their lives actively and healthily with you.

Wrapping Up

A dog owner must ensure that they are providing their dog with all the basic needs it requires. It will not only improve the quality of your dog’s life but also of the dog owner. Because when you see a happy and healthy dog playing in your house, it will also make you more pleased and more satisfied in return.

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