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  • Happy Howlidays: 8 Best Gifts to Give Your Dogs
  • November 19, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Shawn Mack

For dog parents, holiday shopping is not only restricted to shopping for themselves, Christmas trees, friends, and neighbors. There’s another important member on their list; their fur babies.

Isn’t it so?

But being a dog parent isn’t easy, especially when it comes to picking gifts. Your fur pals hardly ever leave a clue as to what they want. Plus, the array of possible options out there make it super difficult to pick just one.

So, here we’ve compiled together with your eight best possible picks for your dogs.

#1. A Comfy Bed

Our very first recommendation for your dog is none other than a comfy bed. It’s sure to make your and your dog’s life 10x easier.

A comfortable sleeping place ensures peaceful and timely sleep for your dog, which in turn keeps it healthy. The soft support prevents calluses and protects its arthritic joints.

Moreover, when you provide your dog with a bed of its own, it feels more like a member of the family. It feels valued and acknowledged. The separate places provide your dogs with the privacy it needs.

However, if your dog already owns a bed that it enjoys, then you might want to consider the following options.

#2. Tasty Treats

The next best option is surprising your dog with its favorite treats. Not only will this gift make the day truly special for your canine. But it will also add more nutrition to your dog’s average diet. Some treats even help with oral care. They help improve teeth’ performance and functionality.

In case you are new to dog-keeping and aren’t familiar with your dog’s favorite treats right now, vets recommend:

● Peanut Butter

● Green Beans

● Pears

● Apples

● Sugar Snap Peas

● Baked chicken or turkey

Feel free to explore the stores for company-manufactured dry treats. Just ensure that the treats you purchase are easily digestible and suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

#3. Pet Portraits

Another great way of making your dog feel valued is to make a pet portrait of him. Although your furry pal may not respond to it the same way human beings do, they do seem to appreciate it.

It brings a sense of ownership and belonging to them. Thus, strengthening their bond with you and drawing them closer to a family member. You might find your four-legged friend amused now and then by the portrait of theirs. And even for you, it’s going to prove to be a worthy investment. That’s because the portrait will keep your pet with you even after they are long gone from this mortal world.

#4. Warm Sweaters

As holidays are approaching, the temperature is dropping too. You’d appreciate a blanket, and so would your dog.

However, it’s difficult for dogs to comfortably snuggle in blankets all day long. These are packs of energy and need to get up and about. For that very reason, we recommend gifting your dog with cute and

warm sweaters. If your dog finds clothing uncomfortable, you can go with puffer vests. Unlike sweaters, they only require to be secured around the collar

#5. Engaging Toys

If you’ve got only one dog at your place and a busy work schedule, engaging toys can turn out to be of great use to your little pup. These will keep your dog’s boredom and the development of a destructive routine and mindset a good distance away.

Some of the best engaging toys for dogs include:

● Nina Ottoson Puzzle

● Bob A lot Interactive Toy

● Tug a Jug Meal Dispensing Toy

● Omega Paw Ball

● Hear Doggy Silent Squeaker Toy

Remember, dogs are innovative and smart beings. But they also get attached and stick to what they like. So if you’ve got a toy they like, you won’t have to invest over and over again.

#6. Boots

Boots will help you keep your canine friend’s paws protected through both seasons. Be it chilly winters or burning heat. The boots place a good protective layer between the ground and their paws.

#7. Newer Chews

We reviewed dog treats as one phenomenal gift idea for your dog. In case you read newer chews and assumed the same, we’ve got to tell you to hold your horses.

When we say newer chews, we refer to the daily diet of your dog. Although your dog may be comfortable with its previous diet, you might want to consider a change this time in the holidays. Assess whether its diet provides it enough nutrients for growth and excites it enough. If your answer is no, it’s time to gift newer chews to your beloved dog.

#8. Adjustable Dog Leash

An adjustable dog leash is a combined gift idea. If you settle for this, you’ll be gifting it to both – yourself and your dog.

It will make your life easier as you head out and your dog decides to explore on its own. You won’t find yourself being dragged or having to keep up. Similarly, on your dog’s end, it would mean greater extents of liberty with safety in check.

Final Words

Summing up, finding the perfect gift for your canine friend can be a challenging task if you go to the store unprepared. But if you’ve got your intent sorted, it will be easy.

We know shortlisting the intent is even more difficult. And so, we crafted this guide. We hope it helped you make your decision. Good luck!

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