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  • Grooming Your Dog Regularly Is Important for These 6 Reasons
  • February 21, 2022
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Merry Smith

Grooming doesn’t just mean a bath and brush but also checking for sores or injuries that need attention, cleaning their teeth, and taking care of their nails. You will be able to see several benefits like improved health and behavior, reduced shedding, and less anxiety by simply investing in some regular quality time with your pup!

1. Undercoat Maintenance

Almost all dogs with fur (or hair rather) have an undercoat and topcoat. This helps provide insulation for your dog against the elements. If you don’t maintain the undercoat by creating a “grooming blanket” or ridding them of mats, your dog will overheat during warmer months while also still being too cold in colder seasons. This is an essential element of dog grooming, especially for people who have breeds such as Huskies which have a higher volume of fur. And having clumps of mud and other debris caught up in that lovely coat isn’t ideal either!

2. Cleaner Teeth

Ahh, who doesn’t love minty fresh breath? If you can no longer stand the stench coming from their mouth, it’s probably time to get them checked out at your local vet because their oral health might be deteriorating fast! Not only do dogs commonly suffer from gum disease and tooth decay, but you can also find that your dog’s mouth is home to plaque and tartar buildup. All of this can be prevented through proper grooming! Ask your vet or groomer for brushing and cleaning instructions to get started, and don’t forget about those doggie treats as a reward.

3. Nails Benefit Too

If you let your pup go without getting their nails trimmed, they will eventually grow back down so far into the skin that it becomes quite uncomfortable. This isn’t just an issue with pups though as even older dogs can still deal with overgrown nails as well as arthritis if left untreated. It would be best to schedule regular appointments at least once every couple of months for basic care, but if you have a dog with dark nails, it’s very difficult to see the quick. A good rule of thumb is that if you can hear them clicking on the floor, that means they are ready for some grooming action!

4. Prevent Skin Issues

When was the last time you checked your pup for mites? Mites can not only cause intense itching and discomfort for your dog, but these little bugs will make an appearance on their skin through black or red dots. You might think this isn’t a big issue because it can be easily taken care of by simply washing them with oatmeal soap, but there are hundreds of types of mites out there that can spread to humans. It’s best to ask your vet for advice on how to rid your pup of this issue and keep them healthy.

5. Regular Visits Reduce Shedding and Anxiety

We all love cuddles, but we don’t like having a pile of fur on us afterward! When you take the time to groom your dog yourself or go to a professional, they will cut off the dead fur around their undercoat as well as use clippers for their topcoat (if it’s long enough). This is great for reducing shedding throughout your house which can help reduce cleaning up after them. If you aren’t able to brush them regularly due to allergies, health problems, or stress, then make sure you set up an appointment with a trusted groomer at least once a month so that they can look them over for any issues.

6. Grooming is a Great Way to Bond

It’s a given that dogs love being around their humans, so it makes sense that groomers always have a room full of wagging tails and licked faces! But grooming isn’t just about getting your dog looking spiffy and feeling great afterward, you’ll also be able to bond with your best friend through this process as well. Creating a positive association between brushing and treats will make future trips less intimidating for your pup which is great not only for basic care but also for fearful dogs who need some extra TLC at times. If you forget the treats, then do remember that letting them play with a favorite toy after will surely make up for it!

Grooming at home can be fun for both pet parent and their furry friend. There are many benefits from regular grooming sessions including reducing shedding, healthier teeth, cleaner coats, better hygiene, boosted mental health of dogs, etc. Some groomers offer mobile services but if you don’t want to go outside or don’t like strangers handling your doggies then grooming at home is the best option. It not only saves time but also money while giving them some special one-on-one time together. 

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