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  • October 10, 2018
  • Posted by admin
  • Category Blog, Dog Health

Even though we love our pets no matter their size and shape, our first priority should always be their health. We may love them all chubby and cuddly, but the weight can cause them health issues, stop them from doing things they love, and cause them to be sad. Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, and we have listed some fun activities that can help your dog get in shape!

Of course, regulating your pets’ meals is a very important part of getting them to be healthy and in good shape. But, you can also have a fun playtime with your pet and have your company lighten the burden of a regular workout.

Walking together

Having a good walk every day is good for both yours and your dog’s health. In order to make your dog get in shape, you should take long walks and make it into a regular activity. And it can be an activity you enjoy! You can make your walks more fun and dynamic by changing a route once in a while. You will both get to enjoy new scenery and your dog will have fun exploring and sniffing around.

Challenge yourself

If you are already used to having long walks, you might want to challenge yourself and bring your walks to a higher level! How about going for a hike? You can choose a place and a terrain that suits your taste and capabilities, and have fun pushing yourself to climb higher. This type of adventure may turn into a fun family outing you can have once in a while. Walking, getting some fresh air and exploring will do everyone some good!

Have a fun water experience

Most dog breeds enjoy swimming, and if it’s a hot summer day it can be a refreshing activity for both you and your dog. You can go to a river, ocean or a pool where dogs are welcome and have lots of fun! There is nothing like swimming with your dog. And, it’s a good workout! Watching your dog jump in the water and dive to fetch a ball is an entertaining and somewhat healing experience.

Back to the basics

If other things do not fit into your schedule or surroundings, you can always get your dog moving by playing a simple game of fetch! This game never disappoints! Take a toy out in the yard or a park and have fun throwing it about and chasing your dog around!


With a combination of regulated meals, healthy snacks, and fun activities, your dog will get in shape in no time. Just remember, any effort requires patience and perseverance! No change can come in a day. And if your dog is not used to running around it may take some time in getting used to it. But with your company, love, and support, anything is possible!

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