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  • December 7, 2020
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Guest post by Harry Singha

Some dog breeds win our hearts with their innocence, adaptability, and loving behavior. A French bulldog is one name that resonates with these qualities.

Pet parents feel intrigued at times. The similarities between the British bulldog and French bulldog compel them to research. Their appearance causes a doubt. One could mistake a Frenchie for a British bulldog at times. History bears the fact that the French bulldog shares its root with the British bulldog. Controversies surround their origins as different sections have many theories to support. The pet fraternity and dog associations have accepted the two as distinctive breeds.

 1. Why Families Love French Bulldog

There are different dog breeds, and each holds a unique place in the top list. Families consider several things before bringing home a new member. The dynamics of a family would help to buy the right dog. Is it about your choice alone? Isn’t it right to think about the dog breed, living habits, and surroundings?

To find the right pet for your family is a matter of research and striking balance. Weigh your expectations and your dog’s well-being to make the right choice. A French bulldog ticks most of the columns for different types of families.

Millennials prefer compact spaces. A two-or-three room apartment would limit your options. It means you may have to include new dogs on the list. A Frenchie is the best choice for a pet. They would become a part of the urban lifestyle without invading personal space. How many times do you think of a dog’s wellness? An ideal environment is a must to pet a dog. It’s where most of the families miss the point. They put their interests, choices upfront. Bringing home a new member should help both sides to have an emotional bonding.

The small size shouldn’t raise or suppress your expectations. These dogs are active for a small-sized dog. The size aspect catches many by surprise. They’re a lively breed. They emit positive energy. Their energetic approach suits the playful nature of kids.

Families should buy pug gifts while buying toys for their kids. You need to play different roles as a parent. The small-size breeds cherish these moments with an open heart. 

2. Playful and Vibrant Nature Makes them Loveable

Families with kids love French bulldogs. They don’t even consider other options. The size makes the kids feel comfortable. The inherent ability to share the love and spend as much time with family as possible keeps them busy. You must have seen Frenchie sitting next to their parents or kids all the time. Their calm, caring nature maintains an ideal family environment. They don’t create noise through excessive braking. They bark when they want to attract your attention to something.

Some families buy bulldog products to satiate the need to play. Those who have got a sporting spirit expect the other members to spend time with them. Buying toys for your dog is one way of keeping them busy. The joy you derive from watching them play is unparalleled. It’s like watching your kid grow and learn new things.

3. Training, Socializing And Acclimatising to New Surroundings

A collection of essential pet products helps families to train their pets better. Training a Frenchie isn’t different from other pets. You should start the training sessions at an early age. They could learn a lot from kids, other dogs. The success of training depends upon the parents. They need to pick the right exercises keeping the history of Frenchie in mind. It would help to mingle with family members in no time. The emotional strength between you and your dog would increase the happiness quotient.

One thing about Frenchie is laziness. You need to engage them in activities to stop gaining extra weight. Their brachycephalic faces demand low-intensity exercises. The summer season brings a lot of challenges for pet parents. French bulldogs struggle to cope with hot weather. Too much time spent outside or a strict exercise regime could cause breathing issues.

4. French Bulldog Makes You a Perfect Pet Parent

Health conditions could curtail the chances of enjoying time with pets. A Frenchie could help enable protective instincts among pet parents. It seems they don’t even let the bad times affect their enthusiasm to spend more time with family. The short head and size of nostrils cause breathing issues. Pet parents should adopt a proactive approach. They should avoid activities that trigger health issues. The small-sized dogs face different health issues that other pet parents are not aware of.

The food-or-contact based allergies put pet parents under stress. You should consult a certified professional to stop such conditions from taking place. The treatment for these allergies is dependent on severity and medical history.

Pet parents can help their dogs live a healthy life. What they could do is to gather information and stay away from food or activities, causing a health scare. The knowledge about allergy in advance could help make a quick recovery.

 5. French Bulldogs are Ideal Pets

Families don’t have to think much before bringing home a French bulldog. They make a part of every family. The living space or passion among pet parents isn’t a deciding factor. Their intelligence and loving behavior enable a kindred spirit among us. The purpose of having a pet is to experience a form of divine love. A French bulldog brings so much to a family. As a pet parent, you question your dedication level. They love to sit next to you or in your lap. They shower love and keep the happiness flowing in the house.

 They defy their size when it comes to showing compassion. Pet parents sense something uplifting about Frenchie. The bond they forge is something that touches the emotional chord of our hearts. 

Pet parenting is equal to parenting a kid in several ways. The kind of dedication it requires is immense. A committed soul would find it a rewarding experience. They receive the love they never experienced before.


  1. Angie
    On January 12, 2021 at 10:26 am, Angie said:

    I have a female 2yrold Frenchie, the article is accurate and so true. I love my Frenchie with a passion, she is a toddler with four legs.

  2. Paul Nutbean
    On January 14, 2021 at 5:40 pm, Paul Nutbean said:

    We just bought our frenchie she is only 4 months old but boy she is a bundle of joy and so funny and loving

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