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  • Four Reasons Why Your Dog Should Be on Social Media
  • November 26, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Fay Smith

Social media has created platforms for billions of people to connect with others through shared relationships and interests. For dog owners, social media is also a way to showcase their pets to the world and encourage conversation among dog lovers.

Are you a dog owner interested in showing your fur baby’s newly-learned tricks to other people online? Consider using various social media marketing tools and services to reach a wider audience.

Additionally, enhancing your creativity in making eye-catching and engaging content may help increase your dog’s popularity and further drive up audience reach and engagement.

Aside from creating engaging conversations, bringing your dog’s presence to social media may also provide various benefits to you and your audience.

This article discusses these benefits that may convince you to consider creating online content for your dog over social media.

Benefits of Your Dog’s Presence on Social Media

Sharing videos or images of your dog on social media does more than provide you with happiness and self-gratification. In many ways, your dog’s social media presence may also benefit other people.

Helps Discover Groups With Similar Interests

With around 72% of U.S. adults using social media as of February 2021, there is a good chance that many individuals or groups are sharing the same interests as you and your dog.

Social media allows you to connect with users with various interests. When you let your dog be present on social media, groups interested in pets, dogs, or other related topics may participate in your discussion.

For example, posting a video clip of your dog playing with training toys to help with teething may draw the attention of dog owners interested in purchasing such toys.

Brings Happiness and Comfort to the Dog’s Audience

Social media users who see images or videos of you petting or playing with your dog may experience comfort, happiness, and lower stress levels.

Pets may help lower stress and lessen feelings of loneliness. Petting dogs may release oxytocin that helps decrease stress levels. There are instances when dogs are brought to schools, nursing homes, and other public places to help relieve stress.

Additionally, those who own dogs are likely to be less lonely. A study mentioned that dog owners experience less dissatisfaction with their physical, emotional, and social states.

Social media users may not be able to pet your dog online. However, simply seeing your dog through images or videos may reduce their stress and etch a smile on their faces.

For example, you may upload a video of you teaching new tricks to your dog. If your dog successfully performs a specific action, you may reward it with dog treats or a head pat. Seeing your dog receive a reward may make your audience feel happy.

Engages People Through Stories

Stories are a way to bring more content and context to your audience. While seeing photos or videos of you and your dog may generate plenty of “likes,” knowing the story behind those photos and videos may deepen the conversation among the viewers.

For example, you may post a picture of you cuddling your dog, and viewers may find the image heartwarming and cute.

However, a story or article about your pet being a rescue dog and the circumstances that brought it to you may encourage people to talk more about your pet.

After reading your story, some people may also begin talking about their own experiences with rescue dogs, making the conversation more engaging. Perhaps other users will also provide helpful resources related to dog adoption.

The more people relate to your situation and feel the emotion through your stories, the more likely they will engage in meaningful conversation.

Develops Connections and Creates Communities

Aside from engaging dog lovers and individuals with related interests, uploading content about your dog also allows you to foster deeper connections with your audience.

Individuals and pet owners in similar circumstances as you may feel they can relate to your situation and engage in more purposeful conversations.

For example, posting a story about how your dog had flea bites may encourage those in similar situations to narrate their experiences.

If you mention the various flea bite remedies you tried, your audience may also share their solutions.

This information exchange may also be seen by other people and start joining in on the conversation, leading to further engagement.

These connections may eventually lead to the creation of various communities. For example, concerned dog owners may create a support group for sharing tips to keep their pets healthy and free of fleas and other parasites.


Your dog’s social media presence does not only benefit you and your dog. Connections and conversations that develop from your dog’s images, videos, and content may turn into meaningful interactions that help your audience.

Contact a social media marketing specialist for more information on creating engaging content to improve your dog’s social media presence and audience reach.

Regular visits to the veterinarian or pet grooming service also help keep your dog in top physical shape as you produce new content for your audience.

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