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  • Can We Give Kratom to Dogs? Everything You Need to Know
  • August 25, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Alexandra Doherty

Lately, the use of Kratom for medicinal practice has seen a hike in the market. The western world is obsessed with the magic of Kratom. People are inclining towards CBD and Kratom as a remedy for various health disorders. Most of the employment of Kratom is for chronic pain, depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, and many other health issues.

The kratom plant comes from parts of Western Asia and Indonesia.  It makes them wonder if the use of Kratom can be extended to their beloved pets. In the present times, many veterinarians are suggesting Kratom as a treat for dogs. Here we will see the potential benefits of Kratom for dogs.

Could Kratom work for Dogs?

Every time a new drug comes up, the initial research is done on the rodents. These researches are to study the effects it can have on humans. The past studies performed on the rodents to identify the effects of Kratom can shed light on the potential effects it can have on dogs as well. In the past fifteen years, four significant types of research took place on the rodents that brought out time-changing results. As dogs and rodents both are animals, the effects observed for the rodents get implied for dogs. The kratom plant has sedative and stimulant effects on the dog as per the dosage given to them. Opioids are known to have strong stimulant effects like pain relief, pleasure, and mental calmness.

When dogs consume Kratom, it has effects like opioids on the brain of dogs. Thus Kratom can deliver potent results like morphine and codeine to dogs. Kratom is also known to accelerate the release of the hormones serotonin and dopamine. These two hormones are responsible for uplifting moods and making people happy. This fact gets substantiated by the mice study of 2007 that proved aqueous dose of Kratom improved depressive symptoms in dogs. So Kratom can also prove to be a happy bite for your dog. A study of 2008 says that a single dose of Kratom in a day significantly dropped their digestion. Hence dropped the weight of the mice.

Another 2016 rat study made a point that kratom consumption had a good and bad effect on the psychosis activities of the mice. Somewhere, it improved their climbing activities whereas, on the other side, they have socially withdrawn themselves. With the studies, it is clear that Kratom can act as an excellent anti-depressant for dogs and other animals. It can also be very effective for chronic pain with its anti-inflammatory properties. The derivatives of Kratom have minimal side effects on the animals that could be caused by the original mitragynine; however, you should be careful while buying kratom locally as well as online.

Potential Benefits of Kratom for Dogs

All the dog owners who have tried Kratom for their dogs have reported having to experience positive results on their doggo friend. There are many conditions where it can help the dog to feel better. Here are some of the proven benefits of Kratom for dogs.

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/dog-pet-food-bowl-kibble-paws-5504866/
  • Increase Appetite

Feeding the dog its food mixed with Kratom helped to increase their appetite. For people whose dogs avoid eating and behave lethargically, those parents can try Kratom as a solution to it. A good diet can make your dog more energetic and frolic around you.

  • Reduces Anxiety

The animals also go through anxiety and bad mood caused by surrounding psychological and physical issues. Not paying attention to the dog in their poor mental state and isolating them can hurt their mental health. Kratom can be the best treatment for dogs that are recovering from severe medical conditions.

  • Arthritis Relief

People are relying on Kratom by using it as a natural remedy for arthritis. A Recent animal study also showed similar effects on dogs. Some people have tried giving Kratom to their dogs and have observed healing effects. Kratom makes the furry pup more active.

  • Seizure Treatment

Seizures are one very triggering problem for the little furry friend. Medical science has done deep research into curing this for the animals, yet not a quick solution is at hand. Kratom has dramatically helped many dogs in treating this disease. This herb can be an ideal choice for seizures for your dog.

Is Kratom Addictive for Dogs?

Kratom being a recreational plant, is addictive to people and animals. It shows side effects on a high dose like nausea, sleepiness, constipation, and liver damage on the dogs. Your dog can become highly addicted to the kratom bites if given in higher doses. You have to limit the dosing of Kratom. You can do this by adopting a system of trial and error. It can help to check how it affects them as there is no general dosing. Through this trial and error system, you can generalize a dose for your dog. A mice study stated that the sudden revocation of Kratom to mice made them suffer irritation.

It was the same reaction as was on morphine withdrawal. The same is the case with humans and dogs. When we stop taking Kratom, we suffer withdrawal symptoms. These are the signs of addictiveness. The regular dose hampers the immune system of the dog. It can also make your dog dependent on Kratom for their every need. They become obsolete when dealing with minor injuries and handling pain. It is not a good thing one would want for their pet.


Kratom is increasingly becoming popular as people are shifting their medication to natural remedies. There is an extension in the number of people who consume Kratom and give it to their pets. Various animal studies discussed have shown how effective Kratom can be for dogs. It is safe and highly effective for curing pain and other body problems. Though with no generalized dose and few side effects observed, one cannot recommend it for the dogs without the Vet’s prescription. You can start with a low dosage. However, one should consult a vet and then give the kratom bites to the dog.

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