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  • January 8, 2022
  • Posted by Claude
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Author: Jackie Brown

Dogs’ temperament is influenced by their genetic predispositions, as they are natural predators. Some dogs are predators who will automatically pursue prey animals such as rabbits, while others are herders who would rather encircle and guard a cute bunny.

Your new dog should be compatible with any other pets you have in your home, whether it’s a dog, cat, or rabbit. Aggression, territorial disputes, and other potential conflicts will be avoided. If you have more than one animal in your home, check out our list of the best dog breeds for multi-pet homes.

Multi-pet households necessitate that all of the animals live peacefully together, regardless of whether they are dogs, cats, birds, or rabbits. Are you bringing a new dog into your home with other dogs, or are you just getting started? Has this caused you any anxiety? Even if you’re apprehensive about welcoming another pet into your family, you don’t have to worry because there are many dogs and pet-friendly dogs that will fit right in. In the case of small animals, like birds and rabbits, you can let your dog investigate their hutch/pens. In the case of rabbits, the indoor hutch must be set up in advance in the neutral space. The dog should be allowed to inspect the rabbit in its hutch/bird pen both visually and olfactorily after being introduced to the area gently. We’ve put together this list of the best dog breeds for families with many pets to assist you in your search for a new furry buddy.

Labrador Retriever

The Golden retriever’s ancestors, the Labrador Retriever loves to provide a helping paw with a heart full of love. While they are a pet-friendly dog breed, Labs are incredibly energetic and curious which may surprise your 20-year old cranky kitty, if you’re not careful. Otherwise, Labs make a terrific addition to a multi-pet family!

Golden Retriever

There’s a reason the Golden Retriever gets its name “Golden.” Pure at heart, these dogs desire nothing more than love and be loved by everyone in their path. That love can come from a human, canine, feline, or furry friend. If your doggo or kitty or a hare gets to meet them, they’ll have a great time, but remember to take it gently at first.


Despite the fact that Beagles are more often connected with preying according to the well-known “Shiloh” book and film series, this breed of the pup is highly loving and intelligent. Playful and friendly with cats, birds, and rabbits, they enjoy spending time with other people as well as other dogs. When left alone, Beagles can suffer from depression and aren’t as active if they are left alone.

Australian Shepherd

With their loving and compassionate demeanor toward other pets, especially dogs, cats, and rabbits, the Standard Poodle is a strong contender for the title of best dog for multi-pet families despite their high level of upkeep due to their regular clipping requirements. Poodles have the extra benefit of being hypoallergenic, reducing the number of pets in the home that needs to be cleaned.

Cocker Spaniel

All the Cocker spaniel owners may already have other pets in their home, and one of the most prevalent is a rabbit. As shooting dogs, Cocker spaniels are well-known for having strong hunting and chasing drives.  It is easy to train a Cocker spaniel to ignore a pet bunny and get along fine.

Border Collie

There is no doubt that the Border Collie is a hard-working sheepdog that is loyal, intelligent, and cooperative. Even if they occasionally outsmart you, the Border Collie will perform exactly what you teach them to do.

Due to their nature as predators, dogs have a temperament that is shaped by their genetics. Some dogs are predators that will pursue prey animals like rabbits, while others are herders who prefer to encircle and protect a lovely rabbit. The following are some must-have dog accessories that are well-suited to a rabbit-friendly home.


Maltese dogs, despite their small size, can live happily in almost any family, even one with other pets. The Maltese dog breed is known for its placid nature and gentle disposition, making it an excellent choice for a family with other pets. Maltese dogs, despite their diminutive stature, are happy to play with larger animals. As early as possible, begin introducing your pet to other animals.

Border Terrier

There is no doubt that the Border Terrier is an energetic dog. Your multi-pet family should be a piece of cake if you bring one of them into the mix. Slowly incorporate them into your family as you would any other dog. These obedient doggos are a joy to behold with rabbits, birds, and cats, or even hamsters.

Welsh Corgis from Pembrokeshire

A lovely breed of dog – the Corgi. Even though they’re known for their gregarious and playful natures, they aren’t going to give in if your other pets desire a game of “ruff” with them. At first, corgis are wary of new creatures, but they soon warm up to other pets. They are fun-loving, mildly energetic dogs with an easy temperament.


Pugs are a dog’s best friend, and they’re just as fond of humans and children alike. Because they are rarely known to bite or nip, they are also wonderful with children. Other dogs and small animals such as rabbits are also safe for pugs to be around. Pugs have a laid-back personality and like spending time with their owners. A family or someone who is always at home would be ideal for them because they thrive on attention.

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are playful and friendly canines. They enjoy meeting new people and are always up for a game of fetch. They’re also very versatile, which means they’re comfortable in a wide range of settings. And if that’s not enough, his mischievous grin will melt your heart.


Some people may be intimidated by this big polar bear-looking breed of the dog, but his lovely, tolerant, and gentle attitude makes him ideal for children of all ages and small animals. Loyal and kind, these dogs make excellent pets. Although they appear enormous, they aren’t really energetic. Regular walks and modest exercise is needed to keep them healthy.

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