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  • 8 Essential Steps To Bringing A New Dog Into The Home
  • February 7, 2022
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Jackie Brown

The dog adoption process can be challenging, especially if you have no starter tips. The steps are vital because they protect you from stressing the dog. Such lessons are essential especially considering that ASPCA  estimates that households adopt  2 million dogs a year. Learning these steps ensures the pet remains friendly, healthy, and lives longer. Everyone, and probably you too, needs to understand the sequential steps of bringing a new dog home.

Prepare Supplies

Bringing in a new dog is similar to welcoming a new child into the family. The pet owner needs to be ready financially just to provide the basics. You can get customizable digital artwork to embroider on the necessities from Dog Breed Cartoon. The brand lets you choose the breed, color, style, and even add text. Some of the essentials you can include are dog beds, bowls, toys, etc. The list may be extensive depending on the specifics of the dog you are adopting. Some dogs have special needs while others don’t.

Additionally, you need to buy food and treats for your dog. Consulting your vet before buying foods is vital so that, together, you can draft a healthy diet. Also, you can consult friends with similar dogs to see what works for them.

Assign a Safe Space

Assigning a safe space is extremely important. Identify that space within your house or compound where your new dog will reside. Otherwise, the dog will become disorganized and may end up sleeping on your bed someday. To avoid this, locate and place a dog bed and bowls. You can also beautify it using the artwork of the pet that you can purchase from Dog Breed Cartoon. The company features artwork from over 400 breeds.

Assigning a safe space for your dog is extremely important, especially if several dogs are under one roof. Dogs are never okay with sharing resources. They end up fighting.

Bring It Home

This is D-Day. When everything else is ready, bring your dog home. The best time to bring it in is when you have fewer work commitments, such as a weekend. Also, getting it home while you are on leave would be perfect. You will have a lot of time to bond and interact with it. The dog needs to witness your presence and learn to leave with you around.

But don’t make the mistake of bringing him when you are about to go on vacation or working days. It may be a disturbing start that might end up stressing it. New dogs may go rogue and join the streets if you leave them on their first day.

Tour Your Dog

You now have your dog around, and it’s looking confused. The first place the dog should tour is at its specific assigned area. Let it rest there for a few hours as it cools down and gains confidence. Once it’s settled, begin the tour, starting with the most obvious places. You can begin with touring the sitting room. The tour should be slow and detailed, just like you’d do to a child.

Communicate with the dog calmly and conversationally. Avoid the rooms that you wouldn’t want the dog to enter to notice the difference. After the tour, let the pet freely move around the house. They might want to familiarize themselves more.

Introduce Family Members

Let all the family members interact with the new canine for some time. Also, you can have other pets within the house meet up outside so that they can all play together. Engaging the pet as a family creates a bond, and it feels safe around each one. However, ensure that you prevent the resident pets from fighting the new one as it might scare it away.

Create a Routine

After settling, you need to create a routine for your pet. A schedule helps create a balanced and healthy life for the dog. However, you need first to observe it to understand its natural routine for a few days. Some of the crucial issues in the routine include sleeping, walks, feeding, and others. Curving a pattern out of its natural way minimizes the stress that results from the change of environment. Also, a routine helps it stay away from boredom and obesity. In the end, it will feel more comfortable and safe at all times.

Plan Training

You have probably now stayed with the dog long enough. You need to teach it some manners and commands. Some of the basic commands you can train your dog on include sit, stand, come and go. There is no essence in hiring a professional trainer as the primary goal is interaction. 

Training the dog is essential and may keep it out of trouble. For example, assuming a car is about to hit the dog on the road, you can command it to come. Commands initiate mental stimulation, making them react faster and purposefully.

Get Him Checked by a Vet

Once you have the new dog home for a week, you need to consult your vet. The professional will notify you of any existing medical conditions. Getting referrals from friends and fellow pet owners would be perfect if you don’t have one in mind. You can also plan a schedule for other regular checkups and future vaccinations.

Taking your new dog for vaccination is essential for your safety and the family. Dog bites are common and can introduce dangerous bacteria into the human body. Additionally, taking it for a check protects other pets within your house. Dozens of contagious dog diseases may end up infecting other dogs unless checked early enough. Like cats have down syndrome, dog illnesses include diabetes, bladder infections, etc.


Deciding to adopt a dog may revamp the joy in a family. Members become more active and interactive, resulting in mutual health benefits. Ensuring you do everything right is essential and helps the dog feel safer.

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