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  • 7 Must-Have Dog Accessories
  • November 24, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Jennifer D @CBDWorldTravel

Having a dog is so rewarding; they are more than pets; they can keep you engaged through exercises, entertainment or sometimes they can be the perfect family or the friend you need. They can also protect and keep you safe.

Dogs sometimes give us so much love, and it is nice to repay them by having the perfect accessories. They love it when they have their accessories, and they do not have to share spaces such as toys and feeding bowls. Here are some essential accessories for keeping your dog happy.

Harness and Lead

Once you have the collar, you will need a lead to match it or get a lead and harness. A harness adds beauty to your dog, and it will help you control the dog, especially if it loves pulling or running around. If you have huge dogs such as German shepherds, you need a durable dog harness to keep them under control. To make it more attractive, you can brand the harness with the dog’s name or your details for easy tracking.


This is the most familiar accessory you need whether you own a puppy or a big dog. Dogs need constant training, and an essential thing you need when training your dog is a collar. The collar is also necessary when you are taking your dog for a walk. However, you need to ensure collars have an identification license or tags attached so that someone can identify them when they are on the loose. You can also put your contact details on the collar. Ensure the collar is not too tight to choke the dog.

A Bed

Like people, they also need a place to rest; they need a warm, comfortable, and cool place to relax after running around. The type of bed you choose will depend on the dog’s age. If the dog is younger, ensure you buy a sturdy bed since they are prone to chew and tear things. You can buy a puffy, warm mattress for older dogs because they are past the curiosity stage. You also need to have a giant bed to ensure the dog perfectly rests on the bed, preventing the fur from spreading to other places outside the bed area.

Dog Table

A dog also needs a table, and best believe, they will love to have accessories similar to human beings. It ensures the dog has its own space and privacy. The dog table should have a clear, separated place for the water and the food bowl. The table should not be too high or low, and it should be proportional to the dog’s height. Ensure you clean the table and dishes regularly, and it should be made of durable materials so that the dog does not chew it; hence, a steel option would be better.

Pet Toys

Having a dog is fun; you need to have pet toys that will not create a rivalry between the dog and the kids. The most common toy should be the fetch toys that include balls; such toys will enable the dog to play with everyone, including the kids. You can also buy some skipping rope to skip with your dog; a skipping rope is an essential item when training or exercising the dog. Ensure you buy a durable toy that will survive dog bites.

Pet Wash

Dogs need regular cleaning to ensure they are clean and do not dirty the rest of the house, including the couches. The dog wash will also keep your dog safe from infection and disease-causing organisms like ticks or fleas. A good pet wash should be organic, free from chemicals that may affect your dog, such as infecting the skin. An organic pet wash also has ingredients that will moisturize the dog and condition the fur. You also need other cleaning items such as a pet brush, a cleaning zone such as a dog bathtub. You also need a bath towel to dry the dog after cleaning.

A Dog Treat Bag

A dog treats bug will help you to reduce the clutter and mess around the house. Without a treat bag, the dog can easily splash the treat all over the floor; hence you need a bag to store the treats so that the dog cannot open it unless it’s time to have some. It is also essential when you go to an outdoor event with the dog. Instead of storing the treats in your pocket, you will have a secure storage place.


Dogs are an essential part of our lives; we need to appreciate them by treating them friendly and making them feel loved and part of a family. Some accessories such as a dog table, bed, pet wash, and many more are an excellent way to appreciate your dog for the company and fun time. Another way to appreciate them and ensure they are under control is exercising and training. You can achieve this by taking them for a walk; however, you need a good lead and harness to control them.

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