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  • 7 Awesome Pet Event Ideas for the Pet Lovers in Your Community
  • September 23, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Kyle Stewart

If there’s something that many people in your home community may have in common, it’s a love for animals. For many citizens, pets like dogs and cats are part of the fabric of everyday life. They’re great companions, they help families feel like they’re in touch with the world, and they may even serve as sources for creative inspiration.

If you’re looking for ways to get people in your town, city, or county to come together, it would be good to consider pet-related events. These events can serve as mixers to allow neighbors and their pets to socialize, as opportunities for local businesses to find new markets for their products, or even as fundraisers for worthy causes. With that in mind, here are seven creative ideas that will resonate with local pet lovers:

An Annual Pet Expo

One great way to boost local business activity is a pet expo or pet fair. You can partner with pet businesses like pet clothing brands, pet groomers, and pet training centers to converge in one location and promote pet-related products and services.

Pet owners will be eager to attend such an event, and for good reason. Pet fairs and pet expos are often the best places for awesome discounts on grooming services, training packages, and pet supplies. These events are also great opportunities to score specialty items, like customizable dog collars or dog clothing.

A Community Dog Walk

Another good idea for a pet-related event is a community dog walk. Daily walks are part and parcel of a dog owner’s routine. You can make dog walks more fun for a whole group of local dog owners by organizing a community walk on a set day and time.

For some added excitement, you can encourage all dogs and dog owners to show up wearing a common color. That way, the contingent can turn heads while they’re on the street. And to end the event on a good note, you can invite dogs and their parents to a celebratory picnic in a local park.

A Pet Bake Sale

There’s also the option to put a twist on the classic bake sale and open a pop-up “barkery” for the day. Locals can take charge of a fun-filled exchange of baked goods, either for human consumption or for pets’ consumption (or both).

The proceeds can go to the locals themselves, or they can be collected to raise funds for charity. Either way, you’ll treat pets and pet parents to an event they can look forward to.

An Auction for Pet Items

People enjoy auctions for the thrill of putting something at stake and winning big for it. You can cultivate that excitement by holding a local auction featuring pet-related items.

By attending the auction and placing bids, pet owners can get the chance to win exclusive prizes. Some enticing examples include a free weekend stay at a pet-friendly bed and breakfast or a pet portrait commission done by a local artist. Spread the word and invite pet owners to bid on something they can enjoy with their pets.

Pet Grooming Sessions for Charity

Pet owners can get pretty enthusiastic about receiving good pet-related deals or securing essential pet services in more convenient circumstances. For sure, one of these things is pet grooming. If your local pet owners can get their pets groomed either for free or for a discounted price, they’ll likely make good on the deal.

You’ll earn a lot of favor from local pet owners if you organize a pet-related event centering on free or discounted pet grooming. You can ask each attendee to pledge a certain amount to charity, or you can ask professional pet groomers if they’re willing to pledge a day’s worth of their service for the cause.

Pet Visits to Local Orphanages or Group Homes

It’s no secret that pets have healing and comforting presences. These pets, as well as their owners, may be happy to spread the joy where it’s most needed—like a local orphanage or home for the elderly.

If a partner organization is willing to accommodate small group visits from local citizens and their pets, you can schedule one with them. Just ensure that the conditions are safe and approved by your local authorities so that everyone can have a good time bonding with their new pet friends.

Pet Family Picture Day

Some families keep traditions for taking photos, such as booking a photo studio, for example. Pet owners would love the chance to pose with their fur children and get a beautiful memento of their pet-inclusive families.

Knowing that, you can rent a venue and set up a pet-friendly photo booth. Hire a professional photographer to take the portraits, and include a variety of backgrounds or props so that it’ll be extra fun to strike a pose.

Consider holding one or more of these pet-related events very soon. Which ones do you think will drum up the most excitement among the pet lovers in your community?

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