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  • 5 most popular small dog breeds in the world
  • July 2, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Johny Kershaws

Dogs are man’s best friends. It is one of the most popular pets anyone can have around the world. You can do different activities with them. You can jog, you can take cute selfies, and you can even eat with them.

Having dogs seems to lessen your daily stress. It can give you the feeling of being a sister or even a parent if you aren’t one.

Dogs are not just a friend, they can also be your greatest ally. They bring a lot of benefits to your life. They come in different breeds and sizes.

As an individual, we have a different perspective in choosing the dog we want to have. Some may opt to have the small white dog breeds and some might prefer the most popular dog breeds.

No matter what it is, a dog can always bring a friendly senior living. Having a dog is a commitment. Familiarizing them is essential. Get ready to get in touch with them. The following are the 5 most popular small dog breeds in the world.


These dogs are nocuous despite the cuteness that it has. Being playful makes it harmful in some ways. They can go wild and be athletic at the same time.

If you have an outgoing personality, then this dog is the best for you. It can perform a variety of activities like doing an exercise and playing all day. They improved their agility day by day through the multiple walks they perform.

Pugs’ weight usually ranges from about 14 and 18 pounds. In terms of the food, you must consult a veterinarian to give the dog the best food formula that suit its digestive system.

Pug dogs are short-haired dogs and thus take only minimal shedding and grooming.


Pomeranian dogs are one of the ideal dogs to have. It comes in a variety of colors. These dogs are truly healthy.

The National Breed Club offers many tests for Pomeranians to ensure their health. The tests that are included in their offer are cardiac exam, Patella evaluation, Ophthalmologist evaluation.

One of the unique features of Pomeranian dogs is their double coat hair. It requires a session of brushing hair to maintain its adorable hair. Brushing the hair of this dog regularly prevents the hair from matting.

We must maintain their nails to be short since these dogs are active and playful. It is better if you will opt to have a professional groomer to manage the grooming professionally.

Talking about the food, Pomeranian dogs take only high-quality food. However, diet is a must to ensure that the digestive system of the dog works.


We consider Chihuahua to be the tiniest dog in the world. Both male and female Chihuahua dogs weigh about 2-6 pounds. The height usually varies depending on the gender of the dogs.

Male Chihuahua is about 9 inches in height, while female Chihuahua is only 7 inches. Its life expectancy can last for about 14—18years. Thus, we can say that they are long-lived. s

They named these dogs after the Mexican state where it was originated. Chihuahua is the best dog for a companion. They have a true loyalty to their owners, but they seek full attention from people.

They are wonderful dogs, but they are also capable of harm when teased by strangers. The color of Chihuahua comes in different colors and patterns. There are also varieties in terms of its coat. Their coat can be smooth and short, or it can also long and soft.


These dogs are intelligent, fun to be with, and outgoing. It comes in different colors like black, chocolate, cream, gold, and many more. Their appearance will surely catch your attention.

Havanese are healthy and active in the physical dimension. However, sometimes they get prone to some disorders. This is the reason they required some tests on them. The tests required for them are eye tests, hearing tests, hip x-ray, and knee certification.

Talking about their coat, it is soft, silky, and long. It is needed to be groomed daily to avoid tangles and mats. A soft brush or comb can do. Owning a Havanese takes a lot of patience in taking care of their physical body especially the eye and ear parts.

They gain moderate exercise. And, their food must be of high—quality and should be based on the age of puppy or dog. Be able to maintain their diet as this dog is vulnerable to obesity.

Shih Tzu

These dogs are usually called “lion dogs.” This is on behalf of its large dark eyes. It weighs about 9-16 pounds and has a height that ranges from 8 to 11 inches.

They are a living charmer and a breed that possessed varying colors. They are really sweet and attractive. You can do many activities with them, such as watching television and even sleeping.

They possessed thick and heavy coats that make them intolerant to heat. They also have small faces which explain why they cannot be considered as a wonderful swimmer.

Be able to groom and wash the coat of these dogs thoroughly daily. They only require minimal exercise and the right diet for their age. These dogs are more on high-quality food.

Final Words

A dog is a special pet anyone will wish to have. So, if you have one, give them the proper care and love. Because, just like humans, they have feelings and they have a life too.

Whatever breed you want to have, knowing how to communicate with them will give you the full benefits. Remember, they never choose you, you choose them to be yours. Take it as both privilege and responsibility. You’ll surely get the pet that is ideal for you.

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