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  • 5 Healing Herbal Supplements Every Dog Owner Wants
  • July 29, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Jessica @THECBDGLOBAL

We all use herbs to enhance the flavor and add zing to the dishes. Herbs also have natural healing properties to manage and prevent specific ailments. They can do wonders for humans. But, do you know it can help your dog? Yes, your dog can also consume certain herbs that may offer great benefits for their health. While specific herbs can provide excellent results, they may have an adverse reaction when you feed them to your pup. Hence, always try herbs on your dogs and not puppies. Are you interested in knowing why you should consider herbal supplements and which ones offer great results? You have come to the right place. Read ahead to learn more.

The Need For Herbal Supplements

Like humans, dogs also require vitamins and minerals in their regular diet. Herbal supplements are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. It can boost the canine immune system. It also enhances the digestive system for its proper functioning. So, your dogs can absorb nutrients well. These herbal supplements can also manage some ailments. Instead of using medications that may trigger side effects in the long run, you may opt for herbal options for your dog’s well-being. If you are interested in adding a healthy dimension to your dog’s diet, here are some of the options available that can ensure your canine’s well-being:

Herb#1 Kratom

Kratom leaves have become a new craze in people looking for a holistic option to manage their ailments. But, can you give Kratom supplements to your dogs? A review conducted on Kratom leaves indicated the substance might not cause toxic effects on dogs. Kratom leaves contain several alkaloids. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are two active ingredients in Kratom that may produce analgesic effects. It may help alleviate pain and inflammation in dogs. These alkaloids may also regulate muscle functioning in your do. According to one study, mitragynine aids in communicating and binding with the brain’s opioid receptors responsible for pain perception. Hence, it may ease the pain symptoms triggered due to conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any condition triggering chronic pain.

Many dogs suffer from epilepsy and seizures. If you have tried different methods to find relief for your dog, you can give Kratom a try. It may ease attacks and ensure their well-being. Kratom leaves also contain Pynantheine and Specigynine. These ingredients may work on your dog’s behavior to keep them calm. To get the desired results, you need to find the correct dose that may work for your dog. You can take the help of an expert to find the right strain and proper dosage of Kratom powder for sale that may offer the suggested health benefits for your dog.

Herb #2 Oregano

Oregano is a famous herb adding flavor to the most popular dish, pizza. It is a common herb that you can find in every home. It is famously known as the cure available in the cupboard. Oregano is included in cooking for providing a great flavor to the dishes. It may also benefit your dog’s health as it has the following:

● Fiber

● Calcium

● Iron

● Omega-3 fatty acids

● Manganese

● Vitamins (A. C, and K)

Oregano also contains carvacrol and thymol, the volatile oils that can prevent bacteria growth. Oregano has high antioxidant properties to combat free radical damage in the body.

Herb #3 Thyme

Thyme is another popular herb that most people keep in their homes. Many also have it in their kitchen garden or indoors. It is a fresh herb adding flavor to the dishes. Does it mean you can give it to your dog? When taken in small doses, thyme can make your dog’s digestive tract healthy. It may also offer relief from irritable bowels. Anecdotal evidence indicates the potential effectiveness of thyme in ousting parasites such as hookworm. Apart from containing Calcium, Vitamin K, iron, and manganese, it contains thymol. Thymol is the active ingredient in thyme with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The flavonoids in thyme have elevated levels of antioxidants that may benefit your dog.

Herb #4 Dandelion

Dandelion flowers offer a beautiful look to your yard. Do you know it may also benefit your dog? The leaves of the plant contain high levels of Vitamin A, while the roots contain inulin that encourages the growth of good gut bacteria in the intestinal tract. This herb also has the following that may offer great benefits for your dog’s health:

● Fiber

● Folate

● Vitamin (C, E, and K)

● Calcium

● Manganese

● Potassium

● Iron

● Phosphorous

● Silicone

● Zinc

Using dandelion supplements may support liver function and may act as a blood tonic. It may also promote a good heart, healthy bones, and teeth.

Herb #5 Slippery Elm

For dog owners with a canine friend of advanced age, using slippery elm can improve their quality of life. It may help manage inflamed internal tissues. Using it externally on the skin can ease insect bites, burns, wounds, and rashes. Using it internally can also control vomiting or stomach problems.


Herbs contain highly beneficial polyphenol-plant compounds along with antioxidants. But, the key is to use it with caution. Before including any supplements, you need to seek advice from the vet. Some of the herbal supplements may interact with medications your dog takes for any underlying condition. Your dogs may benefit from these herbal supplements with professional guidance. Maintaining your dog’s health with the right supplements can ensure high-quality life.

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