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  • 5 Dog-Friendly Camping Spots to Visit This Summer
  • July 2, 2021
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Author: Victoria Smith

If your camping trip will not be complete without your pooch, the list below can help! Do make sure that your dog has all the necessary shots and vaccinations, take care to bring grooming tools so you can brush them for ticks, and carry a six-foot leash for their safety.

West Virginia, Blackwater Falls State Park

Celebrate summer by making plans to go camping in West Virginia state parks. The space at Blackwater Falls means you can nestle into the trees with lots of privacy, catch some fish, take a swim in Pendleton Lake, or kick back around the fire with nobody around unless you want to seek out company.

This park is also open in the winter and offers the chance to take the Blackwater Falls Sled Run when the snow is deepest. No matter the time of year you go, you and your favorite four-footed friends will have a wonderful time. Like a lot of campsites, this park is pack in and pack out, so do your best to prep your camping food to reduce trash and make sure you have bags and an airtight container to pick up after your pooch.

California, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

If your dog has never seen the ocean, it is time to book a site in the park at Pfeiffer! This developed park offers camping along the Big Sur river and a lot of terrific hiking through old-growth forests and the lovely meadows in the area.

Make sure that your dog stays on the leash, that you avoid going too far into the surf, and that you bring water to keep your dog cool and prevent them from drinking saltwater. Find a shady spot where you can sit and where your dog can drink and cool down. If you love the sun and surf, consider getting a sunshade tent to keep your dog from getting overheated.

Massachusetts, Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort

This developed campground offers cabins, tent sites, and RV spaces. If you are traveling with children as well as your canine family, you can all enjoy time on the nature trails, the sports fields, and even in the heated pool!

If your dog has never been in a pool before, take care to get in there with them and hold them. Despite having the useful dog paddle named after them, many dogs are not great swimmers. If you can find a body of water where they can get used to wading before letting them swim, do so.

Montana, Glacier National Park

Get some good shoes, because Glacier National Park offers lots of trails for you and your canine companions to enjoy, such as the stretch between Apgar and West Glacier. You can camp for up to two weeks in your rented spot and your leashed dog is welcome on any of the trails in the area.

The leash rule is especially important in Glacier, as well as many other national parks because there is a risk of bears. If your dog sees a bear, it may try to play with or chase the bear. This risky in multiple ways as the bear may see your dog as a threat and attack. The dog may also chase the bear right at you.

Tennessee, Smoky Mountains National Park

You and your pet will have a terrific time on the Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail. From Gatlinburg, you can enjoy the view of the Little Pigeon River and train your dog to follow a footbridge, if this is new to them. From this trail, you can also check out several historical building sites.

It should be noted that many back-country trails do not allow dogs, even on a leash. This is for the safety of you, your dog, and the wildlife in the area. You do not want to try to care for your dog far from the trail after they tangle with a porcupine, a skunk, or a raccoon. Stay on the designated paths.

Take care to follow the rules about if or where you can leave your dog. Many parks will not allow dogs to be left alone in RVs. Leaving your dog alone in the tent will cause confusion and distress, and may cost you a tent. If you are going to camp with a dog, make sure they can be included in all your activities.

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