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  • 4 Things You Should Know About Irish Doodles
  • March 17, 2022
  • Posted by Claude
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Author: Merry Smith

4 Things You Should Know About Irish Doodles

Mutts are sometimes referred to as crossbreeds that originate from negligent dog breeders. However, Irish Doodles are designer dogs for a reason. Because you’re here, you’ve either seen one of them and fell in love with it or heard about how gorgeous they are. What is an Irish Doodle, exactly?

Irish Doodles are a cross between an Irish Setter and a Poodle that is extremely clever, even-tempered, and loving. They have silky, long, and wavy fur that gives them a teddy bear-like appearance and makes them quite appealing. Irish Doodles are best with red coats, although they may be found in a number of hues. Here are four facts about them that you should be aware of.


Irish Doodles are 50 percent Irish Setters and 50 percent Poodles, and their morphological characteristics, like those of other crossbreeds, can be unexpected. The majority of them are F1 generation dogs with a variety of features. It can take after either parent, although they usually look like their moms, who have long, wavy coats that shed little. Although no dog may be completely hypoallergenic, they are often thought to be very hypoallergenic.

Irish Doodles are charming medium-sized dogs with square muzzles and elegant round heads. Their eyes are dark brown and can be oval or almond-shaped, with low-set ears that dangle to the sides of their cheeks. Black, white, brown, blue, and peach are some of the coat colors for Irish Doodles. The classic red coat, on the other hand, is favored above the others and is more costly. Some Irish Doodles can have a white marking on their body in rare situations, costing significantly more than those with standard coats.

The height and size of the Irish Doodles will be determined by the Poodle parent. Mixing a small Poodle with an Irish Setter, for example, will most likely result in dogs that are 15 to 20 inches tall and weigh 20 to 35 pounds. A standard Poodle parent, on the other hand, will produce a greater Irish Doodle that stands 20 to 26 inches tall and weighs up to 70 pounds.


Irish doodles are clever, eager-to-please, joyful, and friendly creatures. They’re also easygoing, pleasant, and mild-mannered. They are not aggressive enough to serve as guard dogs, but they are attentive and can serve as effective watchdogs. Given that both of its parents are retrievers, Irish Doodles will undoubtedly be energetic and clever. They are suitable for any home and are friendly towards children and other pets. So, no matter what sort of family members you have, these great dogs will be able to swiftly adjust to their surroundings. However, there are some disadvantages to this charming designer species. Sudden noises, contact, or motion might cause some Irish Doodles lines to become extremely sensitive. Some Irish Doodle owners who have a busy household with children may discover that their new buddy is struggling to adjust. However, the great news is that they can be easily trained. Keep in mind that their Poodle parents are the second smartest dog breed. They have a lot of Poodle DNA in them! You can educate your dog to withstand external forces and help it outgrow this sensitivity if it has this personality.

They memorize everything they learn. This is fantastic if it has acquired excellent manners or lessons, but it can be troublesome if it learns destructive behaviors like biting shoes and furniture or emptying your kitchen cabinets. Aside from these issues, there are very few things that can go wrong. They will entertain you for hours by playing with you and participating in funny behavior. It will be glad to live with you whether you own a modest apartment or a huge home with a yard.

Exercise Needs

Irish Doodles are high-energy dogs who require at least 90 minutes of continuous activity every day to remain happy and healthy. They are quickly bored, which is understandable given that Irish Setters are high-energy dogs trained to recover game birds in broad areas.

You may play fetch activities with a tennis ball or a toy, go for a walk or jog, or let it swim to satisfy its daily activity demands. If you have a backyard, your Irish Doodles will enjoy running about and playing. You may also bring it to daycare, a local dog park, or let it mingle with other dogs in the area to keep it in shape. Remember to teach and challenge their minds because you’re dealing with a very clever animal! This is something that many dog owners overlook when purchasing a dog, and it may easily result in a disobedient dog.


Irish Doodles have coats that are similar to Poodle coats, thus grooming them will be simple. Brushing their beautiful, wavy hair on a regular basis, on the other hand, will prevent matting and knotting. You may keep your dog’s hair natural or cut to save time and effort. Brushing the hair 2 or 3 times a week is sufficient to maintain it looking its best if it is trimmed. You may trim your Irish Doodle’s hair yourself or take it to a groomer. However, the puppies should not be cut until they are at least nine months old.

It’s a joy to have an Irish Doodle because they’re such a sweet breed that deserves the best. They want to be a member of the family and can adapt to practically any circumstance, therefore you should definitely think about getting one.

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