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10 Ways An #Affenpinscher Changes Your Life #Ilovemyaffie #affie
  • July 24, 2017
  • Posted by editor
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When you bring home your bouncy, scruffy Affenpinscher puppy, you only think you know what you’re in for. The truth is, this is no normal dog – this is an adorable creature that will change your life forever.

1. You’ll never go another day without laughing.

Affenpinschers have a huge personality. They’re a bit clumsy, and don’t seem aware of their own size. Each day, your Affie will give you something to laugh about. No matter how crappy your dog is going, they’ll never fail to make you smile.

2. You’ll answer the same questions, over and over again.

The Affenpinscher is a rare breed, and many people have not heard of them. Whenever you take your Affie out for a walk, you’ll get used to the double-takes – people just can’t stop staring at this unusual little dog.People who are not familiar with the breed will ask you if your dog is a mutt. You’ll have to educate them about your breed, which will lead to many more questions. No, it’s not a monkey, and yes, you know it kind of looks like one. And no, you won’t be selling your adorable dog, and no, you won’t allow them to have a sleepover!

3. You’ll never poop alone again.

Affenpinschers are known for being very attached to their favorite human, sometimes to the point of obsession. You can’t even go to the bathroom without your Affie sniffing, whining and scratching at the door until you come out. You have to draw the line early by keeping the door closed whenever you go to the bathroom – because once your dog gets to hang out with you while you poop, they’ll always want to be your bathroom buddy. It makes sense to them, anyway. You’re always outside watching your dog poop… they can’t resist returning the favor!

4. You’ll always know when someone’s coming.

Affies are very alert, and will always warn you when there’s something interesting outside the window – be it a neighbor, another dog, a visitor, or a suspicious-looking leaf. You can teach your dog to stop barking when you ask, but you won’t be able to teach them to be silent. But that’s okay. You’re glad to have a dog that can express itself, and the sound of an Affenpinscher isn’t particularly loud. Enough time with an Affie, and you might start to compare that sweet bark to the flap of an angel’s wings.

5. You’ll never have to worry about pests.

The Affenpinscher was originally bred to chase rats in barns, but now they’re typically just couch commanders. They still have that terrier-like instinct to chase anything that moves. If you do have a mouse or rat problem on your property, you can probably depend on your Affie to chase away any vermin, if not catch the offending creatures. If you don’t have furry vermin, your dog may be just as pleased to chase and kill bugs.

6. You’ll always have someone to watch TV with.

An Affenpinscher’s favorite place in the world is in your lap, while you binge-watch a crime drama or comedy series. They don’t always demand your full attention – they’re happy to have their wiry coat stroked while you follow the plot. Relaxing is a great time to get some light grooming out of the way, and if your dog is properly acclimated to it, they may actually find it calming to be gently brushed.

7. You’ll start wearing more black.

Though Affies have a hair coat that does not shed, there will be some loose hairs on occasion. You’ll probably avoid white furniture, pillows and clothing, and opt for darker solids and prints that allow the hair to blend in. If you love your pale neutrals, you’ll probably be able to continue enjoying them, so long as you brush your pup regularly to keep loose fur to a minimum.

8. You’ll always have a travel buddy.

An Affenpinscher’s compact size makes them perfect for all types of travel. In the car, be sure to use a crash-tested car carrier, safely strapped into a seatbelt. In the air, an Affie is the perfect size for a carry-on air carrier, so they can ride in the plane with you. Wherever you go, your pup will be happy to join you.

9. You’ll learn to hide your snacks.

One time, you’ll leave an open bag of chips on the coffee table. One time is all it will take. Even if your dog has never climbed on the coffee table before, you’ll be surprised at the lengths they’ll go to grab any unattended food. You can’t blame your Affie for being an opportunist. You’ll just have to remember to put your food away. Easy meals are very tempting, even for a well-trained dog.

10. You’ll become a little bit Affenpinscher yourself.

There’s an Affenpinscher in all of us. This spunky, confident dog brings out the best in you, and you’ll love having them around. It’s impossible not to let that personality rub off on you.

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10 Ways An #Affenpinscher Changes Your Life


  1. Edie
    On September 25, 2018 at 2:53 pm, Edie said:

    Everything listed here is true. The part about being in my lap and the part about going to the restroom especially. Only I didn’t learn to close the door since it’s only Furby and I who live there. Yes! He’s a lap dog in the restroom too.

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