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10 Reasons Why You Never Forget A #Pug
  • August 27, 2017
  • Posted by editor
  • Category Blog

All dogs are special, but there’s something extra special about a Pug. Once you meet one of these petite pooches – or, better yet, if you’re lucky enough to live with one – you’ll never forget ’em. Here’s just ten of the many reasons why:

#1 – Pugs are the best at drying people after showers.

Of any dog breed, the Pug is specially designed to lick at your wet legs and arms after you take a shower. In fact, they’ll do this with so much determination, it’s likely to be a daily habit. While this actually will cause you to be germier than you were before you took a shower, it’s hard to tell that wrinkly face that you’d wish they would stop. Oinking and sniffing as they go, a Pug will lick up any stray drops of water that you may have missed with your towel. It’s the service you didn’t know you needed.

#2 – Pugs always look like they’re listening intently.

Though, at certain angles, they appear to be looking in different directions, a Pug’s wide eyes always appear to be giving you their undivided attention. This comes in handy if you need to rant about your coworkers after a long day at the office, but nobody else finds your tales of woe very interesting. A Pug will always hang on to every word, just in case you happen to mention the word, “Dinner.”

#3 – Pugs are secretly old people.

The wrinkles, the snoring, the way they sometimes start to fall asleep while they’re still sitting up – the secret’s terribly concealed. All Pugs are actually senior citizens wearing tan and black velour tracksuits, pretending to be strange-looking dogs in pursuit of free food. We’re onto you, Pugs. The jig is up.

#4 – Pugs were born to be pampered.

The first pug was documented by Confucius in 551 BC. Since then, they have had a long history as companions for royalty. Unlike terriers, which were bred to hunt varmint, and the Husky, which was bred to pull sleds, the Pug was bred to do absolutely nothing but to sit around and be adored. Pugs can overheat quickly on hot days, and need regular, though brief exercise periods. Seriously, they’re bred to be pampered, and you’ll grow to love being your Pug’s personal assistant.

#5 – A Pug will never judge you.

Of all the dog breeds, Pugs are the least judgemental. After you helped dislodge one of their poop danglers for the upteenth time, they instinctively realize that they have no grounds to judge you while you’re getting dressed, eating an entire bag of chips, or getting intimate with a romantic partner. Your Pug will just sit there and stare, but never with judgement.

#6 – Pugs can replace your gym membership.

At a healthy weight of 14 to 18 pounds, a Pug weighs about the same as your average medicine ball, or a small to medium set of dumbbells. You’ll also find that your Pug magically doubles in weight whenever you try to lift them off the couch, or scooch them over on the bed to make room for yourself. This extra resistance makes pug wrangling a more intensive workout than any exercise you could do at your local gym. Try bench-pressing a Pug, or carrying one under each arm to build massive biceps.

#7 – Pugs are great at watching television.

Many dogs are terrible at watching TV, but the Pug is a natural lapdog that doesn’t mind dozing off during your Netflix binges. Hanging out on the couch is essential quality time for a Pug, especially after a day at the park.

#8 – Pugs are portable.

Pugs are the perfect size for taking on trips. They’re often calm during travel if they’re trained to enjoy being in a carrier, and don’t mind spending time with you while they enjoy the ride. Pugs are small enough to be taken as a carry-on in the cabin of the airplane, and can be placed in a carrier to ride trains and subways. A large purse can work in a pinch when you’re taking them on a short trip.

#9 – Pugs make leftovers disappear.

Food waste is a serious problem in developed countries. Scraps of meat and veggies, and small amounts of carby or starchy food make good treats for Pugs, as long as they only contain dog-safe ingredients and are fed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. If your Pug is not able to handle the food waste in your home without becoming overweight, we recommend adopting several more Pugs.

#10 – Pugs live in our hearts forever.

Though they only live two decades at most, the love and memories you’ll have with your Pug will last a lifetime. Some people find that the best way for a Pug to live on after they pass is to adopt another – or, a few more, just to ensure that you’re never Pug-less again.

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10 Reason Why You Never Forget A #Pug

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