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10 Reasons Why Everything Is Better With A #BorderTerrier
  • August 30, 2017
  • Posted by editor
  • Category Blog

When you first bring home that black and tan puppy, you have no idea how much your life is going to change. A Border Terrier is the most wonderful thing you can bring into your home, and everything is better with that floppy-eared pup by your side.

#1. You become more fashionable.

Border Terriers are notorious for stealing socks. By the time you get your sock back, it’ll probably be wet, torn and unwearable. That means you’ll have to find new ways to match your socks. Instead of strictly wearing two socks of the exact same style, you learn to adjust to matching socks that look almost the same. After a few years of owning a Border, you come to terms with wearing whatever two socks you can find… and you look darn good doing it.

#2. Your garden is healthier than ever.

Most people don’t realize that you have to aerate soil to make sure nutrients and water are able to reach the roots of your plants. A Border Terrier is well-versed in soil aeration, and will dig holes in your lawn and garden to ensure the health of your landscape.

#3. You feel younger than you’ve ever been.

People always ask you how old your puppy is – long after they’ve exceeded a year of age. Your scruffy, adorable adult Border Terrier looks like an eternal puppy to those who do not watch dog shows, and sometimes, you don’t feel it’s necessary to correct them. A Border Terrier has the spirit of a puppy, too, and it will rub off on everyone around them. To a Border, you’re as young as you feel, and there’s no reason to rush growing up.

#4. You actually clean under the bed now.

Border Terriers love crawling under beds and stealing any socks, food or toys that they find under there. It’s not abnormal to see two little brown hind paws sticking out from under your bed. While you may have neglected to clean under your bed in the past because “nobody ever looks under there,” ever since a Border Terrier came into your life, you’ve started to make sure it’s clean.

#5. You become an action photographer.

Your Border Terrier will not sit still for the perfect photo, so you have to get creative. It helps to have a good camera (or at least the right setting on your phone camera) to help you capture your Border in action. If all else fails, you wait until your Border is knocked out from a long adventure until you can get that sleepy picture.

#6. You haven’t seen any mice in a long time.

Borders are bred for chasing small animals, and yours does not disappoint, even if their only occupation is couch potato. Their presence alone is enough to keep many animals out of your home and property, and the ones that do make it into your yard are soon to be chased away, sometimes even caught.

#7. You’ve never slept better.

A Border is the perfect size for laying in your lap while you watch TV on the couch, or for sitting with you while you use your phone or computer. If you allow them to sleep in your bed just once, they’ll probably sneak in with you when they think you’re asleep. You sleep soundly as they rest that little head on your chest, or snuggle up close to your butt. There’s really nothing better than waking up with that warm, sweet breath on your face.

#8. You’ve stopped paying the home alarm company.

A Border Terrier will always bark to warn you of intruders, and people are surprised at what a big, deep bark can come from such a small dog. With a few growls in between, you never have to worry about burglers, vandals, or the mailman trying to enter your home without permission. Nothing gets past a Border!

#9. You’re always excited to go home. 

Going away without your dog seems like a fun idea at first, but you soon realize that you’d rather be home with your Border. Nothing feels better than coming home at the end of the day to that wagging tail and those happy kisses. Every time you come home, you wonder why you ever left in the first place – you have everything you need right at home!

#10. You can’t imagine having any other dog. 

While there are many other great dog breeds out there, none capture your heart like your scruffy, brave little Border Terrier.

10 Reasons Why Everything Is Better With A #BorderTerrier


  1. Crystal
    On February 24, 2019 at 6:48 pm, Crystal said:

    Some awful person dumped a border terrier near our lake front home. He became ours with proper adoption. He doesn’t get socks but had worn out two purple squawking pigs. Getting out the door with out him is an exercise in not happening but since we’re retired it’s ok, he can “go too”. Those two black eyes and that happy grin make my day.

  2. Jc
    On April 14, 2019 at 5:13 pm, Jc said:

    Family has had three pure bred borders,now we have a rescue that is a mix border plus a taller dog. Border face but long legs and tail. Still has the white stripe on the tail. Still thinks it’s a lap dog, loves squeeky toys, will the socks, but not destroy them. Is the Announcer for anyone coming to the door, or noises she does not recognize. She is much loved.

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