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  • September 19, 2018
  • Posted by admin
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Anyone with a dog will tell you the same thing- that they do not see their dog as a pet, but as a part of the family, that they give their dogs the love and appreciation they would a small child. We dog parents love them immensely and are happy to have them in our lives. We love them in their entirety. Here are just 10 reasons we love our dogs.

They make us smile

I dare any dog parent to look at its dog’s smiling eyes and not smile back. Dogs are always happy to see us, they meet us with a smile on their face and those big affectionate eyes. They jump around wagging their tails asking us to play with them. With a greeting like that, how can one not smile. Their presence brightens up any day and mood!

With our dogs, we are never bored

Whether we enjoy some activities with our dogs or just sit and watch them, with them we are never bored. Just sitting and watching them play with a toy or get scared by a falling leaf, we can’t help but smile. At these moments we realize what pure beings they are, and that it’s absolutely impossible not to love them.

They help us unwind and reduce stress

No matter how stressed we get, once our dog sits in our lap or next to us, it’s impossible to be angry or stressed. We might start complaining to them while giving them a belly rub, unconsciously speaking in that high pitched voice we use only around them. And we’ll feel less burdened and well supported in no time.

With them we can never feel lonely

Isn’t it funny when our dogs keep following us around wherever we go? As we move from one room to another there they are sniffing around, observing what we are doing. It’s as though they are checking if we’ve done a good job, or waiting for us to ask them to lend us a paw. Which they will gladly do.

They will also try to stay as close to us as they can. Laying on our feet, sitting in our laps, sometimes even climbing on our heads. They are constant companions we can rely on. We talk to them and they comfort us when we need them to. That’s why dogs are truly our best friends.

They are warm and cuddly

All dogs are lap dogs, right? Whether they are small dogs we can hold like babies or big dogs we cuddle by lying with them on the floor, cuddles with dogs are the best! They make the greatest warmers and keep our hands and feet warm at all times.

Also, doesn’t it melt your heart when your dog puts its head on you? And If you are a true dog lover you know that feeling of being unable and unwilling to move an inch simply because you’re dog’s soundly sleeping while leaning on you.

They make us more active

Most dogs love to run around and play outside. Therefore, as their parents, we must spend some time on outdoor activities. At least once a day we go outside to take a walk, and run around playing with them. Playing fetch, hiking, playing tug of war, tag, hide and seek, or just aimlessly running around – dogs make us active and they sure make us run.

They are also scientifically proven to be good for us

Science has proven what we already knew – dogs are great for us. Not only do they make good company, but they are also good for our health. Dogs are like a probiotic, they help us develop healthy bacteria colonies that boost our immune systems and stop us from getting sick! Furthermore, petting them is proven to reduce stress, it lowers heart pressure and heart rate. And playing with them will brighten up your mood!

They help us socialize

This especially works well for shy and introverted people. If you are at a party where there is a dog, you can rest assured you will have a good time, even if you don’t speak with anyone at all. But not only do they keep us company, they help us socialize. They make a good chatting topic when you don’t know the other person, and you want to avoid an awkward silence. And if you like to meet new people, starting a conversation with others is easier with a dog by your side. People will approach you easily, and if you both have dogs you will most likely click right away.

They teach us responsibility and give us purpose

Having a dog means you are responsible for another being. They’ve put all their trust in you, and you cannot let them down. Your lives are connected and you need to take care of them. There is no one else who will know what they need and how to take care of them better than you.

And if you have ever felt like you wanted to sleep the whole day and do nothing, with a dog that’s not possible. You know you need to get up because they are waiting for you. You need to give them a walk and feed them. But no matter how early they wake you up, you will forget how sleepy you were the moment they greet you.

We just love them for who they are

Every dog is different and has its own character. And we love them for who they are. And the other way around, I guess. They make us feel special and perfect. Doesn’t every dog parent look at their pet and recognize their own characteristics? They make us feel proud when we realize we have taught them something, and we boast about how smart they are. When we look at them, they are the loveliest, cutest and most beautiful creatures on earth!

Every day is better with them, and we are happy to have them in our lives. As Agnes Sligh Turnbull said “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really”.

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