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  • 10 Dog Breeds to Consider for First-Time Owners
  • December 23, 2020
  • Posted by Claude
  • Category Blog

Written by Pauline Gray

The glorious pleasure of communicating with a dog is observed in many individuals around the world. Many of them have seriously begun to consider buying or adopting for their household a canine friend. Some are now profoundly concerned about what sort of dog will better suit their routine and resources.

There’s no denying it; dogs can change our lives before we learn to own one for ourselves in ways we can’t even imagine. But they are also a huge burden, and we also need to provide them with food, shelter, exercise, health care, training and grooming, as well as the love, loyalty and companionship we receive from them. And that is just the beginning! Diet is an important part of grooming and while you choose to pet a dog, your choice of dog should also be based on your lifestyle. For instance, if you are a vegan, you would want to have a dog who can possibly live on vegan food. In fact there are quite a few vegan foods for dogs specifically and you can know about some of the best ones in this article.

Now, let’s take a look at some dog breeds that are most suitable for first-time owners of dogs.


For anyone looking for low maintenance, easy-going partners, these cute little guys are perfect. They have beautiful temperaments and love to be with their people. They are really playful dogs and love to be competitive, despite their size. Ultimately, these tiny guys have a big character, and they’re perfect for the inexperienced owner.

Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel, aka the Tibbie, is a happy and playful breed that enjoys family time. It is a cuddling specialist during downtime and requires minimal exercise because of its size. For the first-time owner, grooming this breed is reasonably easy and takes only brushing twice a week. Also, the Tibetan spaniel may live up to 15 years but may suffer later in life from cataracts.


Rottweilers are ideal dogs for first-time owners, particularly if that pet owner wants to be physically involved. They are extremely loyal with a temperament that does not need too much coddling. A happy healthy Rottweiler can be an awesome furry companion. Explore some important tips to keep your Rottweilers healthy in this blog, . First-time pet owners would like their relatively low upkeep, and the job is done by regularly brushing.

Image Source: Pixabay


Another big breed, the Greyhounds, are probably far more capable of taking up the space of your couch than you can expect. They are unbelievably docile beasts who want to sleep. They need daily exercise, of course, and will make excellent running companions. Yet Greyhounds are definitely one of the lowest breeds in maintenance, and that includes the department of operations.

The Spitz

Over the past few decades, the spitz is another breed that has become a common dog and many of our older generations have seen this breed. popular today as the Pug or Labrador. The Spitz dog breeds are a generally safe type of dog and form a wide family of dog breeds in the world. They can be a little reactive with little kids and other high-energy dogs, another easy-to-train breed.

King Charles Spaniel’s Cavaliers

Cavaliers are cute little couch potatoes that love curling up at any time of the day and relaxing with you. For the first time, they are perfect owners because they are relatively lazy dogs, even if their long coats need daily grooming. Cavaliers are incredibly sweet and enjoy going everywhere they go with their people.


Boxer is a medium-large and high-energy companion. In a family with an active lifestyle, they can create a close relationship with their owners and are well adapted because they will require many exercises to remain happy. But at a young age, they have a very stubborn temperament and are hyperactive. So, proper training needs to be provided to them.

Image Source: Pixabay

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu, with a lively and polite personality, is a perfect companion and house pet. It needs minimal exercise and it is possible to keep their long, luxurious coat in a “puppy cut” to make maintenance easier.

American Bulldog

Gentle and affectionate are two terms that are sometimes used to characterise and make the American bulldog a great breed for kids. It is loyal to its family and, although it is easily trained, when the dog is young, it’s best to do so. The American bulldog has traditionally been a working dog, so everyday exercise and movement will keep it satisfied and in good health.

English Bulldogs

Naturally, English bulldogs are very caring, kind, and faithful to their families. Still, they love to nap a lot and are considered one of Earth’s most lazy dogs. Give this dog breed a chance to make your life easier and healthier if this is not an issue for you. For first-time dog owners searching for a canine friend who likes to lounge around the yard, they are great companions.

Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from staff at your local shelter or dog rescue centre if you’re still confused. They will be able to help you decide on the right canine companion for you, based on your lifestyle and the characteristics you want in a dog.

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